• Advanced Notice: The Whitehall Players to present, “The Second Chance!”


    Playing at the well known and iconic venue, “The Palace of Westminster”, the well known troupe of actors and actresses will be presenting the opening night of their upcoming black comedy, “The Second Chance!” on Friday 29th March 2019.

    It will be a joint production in conjunction with La compagnie bruxelloise des acteurs.

    The two troupes have been working on the joint production since shortly after the historic vote of the British People to declare UDI from the EU on 23rd June 2016.

    Details of participants (as per EU Directive 1992/999/EEC):

    The Whitehall Players Limited, Registered Office: P O Box HJ527, Edward Heath Building, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Company Secretary: Mossack Fonseca P O Box YU236, Panama City, Panama. Bankers: HSBC Genève. NB: Company incorporated with Bearer Shares. Unternehmen Depositar: Merkel KG, Die Burg, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

    La compagnie bruxelloise des acteurs SA. Registered Office: P O Box YH987, Villa Jean Monnet, Panama City, Panama. Company Secretary: Mossack Fonseca P O Box YU236, Panama City, Panama. Bankers: HSBC Genève. NB: Company incorporated with Bearer Shares. Unternehmen Depositar: Merkel KG, Die Burg, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
    British Gazette comment: The excellent Mr Christopher Booker together with the learned and very hard working Doctor Richard North, along with his son, Peter North have for some considerable time now devoted their great energies to presenting the facts and the detail of the UK’s relationship with the EU and also a running commentary on “Brexit”. Collectively, they are a huge resource. Sadly, their work, advice and recommendations appear to be completely ignored.

    It is remarkable, one could say, without any known precedent, how such an important issue such as Brexit could be subject to so much inaccurate, ignorant and misleading comment for so long and without proper examination and debunking by any others – apart from the aforementioned.

    What is pumped out by the mainstream media on a daily basis is an enormous quantity of garbage. Most “players” are doing it. Those few such as Messrs. Booker, North & Son appear to be sidelined.

    Naturally, attempts are made to explain such behaviour. If such was contained to a few individuals then an explanation such as, “they are ignorant fools” could be found. However, the sheer breath and depth of the cacophony of cods-wallop is such that one is forced into considering other explanations.

    Of course the British Gazette and the EUReferendum blog are both online and as readers will know, the internet is full of conspiracy theories.
    British Gazette readers will know of Sherlock Holmes comment to Dr Watson: “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”
    Let us consider the following:

    - The Chameleon had no Plan B (Brexit Plan).

    - During the campaign the Remain side made NO ATTEMPT to debunk the Leave side’s nonsensical piffle about what has become known as “Hard Brexit”.
    - The Campaign was full of own goals – from both sides!

    - There is only one economically viable Brexit course and that is EFTA+EEA aka Flexcit. This obvious FACT has been mostly ignored!

    - Today, Madame Mayhem is calling for co-operation from other parties to put through Brexit.

    - This call, together with the Tories minority position means that a Second Referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal is a racing certainty.

    - Such a Second Referendum WILL REQUIRE the agreement of the EU as such a referendum will make NO SENSE if the outcome cannot be changed. Therefore implicit in a Second Referendum to approve the Brexit deal WILL REQUIRE a revocation of Article 50. This can ONLY be done with the agreement with the EU 27 and the European Parliament.

    - British Parliamentarians MUST (unless they truly are ignorant fools) be aware that the “Point of No Return” is Friday 29th March 2019 for Brexit takes place at midnight on that day and ANY return to the EU AFTER that date will REQUIRE membership of the Eurozone. This will mean that no Labour government could implement the spending spree they wish to do.

    - That they have WILFULLY eschewed EFTA+EEA aka Flexcit at EVERY opportunity is compelling evidence that the majority of MPs who were Remainers are intent on keeping the UK within the EU.

    The Remainers have been, are and appear set to be helped in future by UKIP – to whom unkind persons probably refer to as the Useful Kitsch Idiots Party – who persist in their honest and sincerely held belief that “Hard Brexit” is A GOOD THING and NOT an economic disaster.

    A second referendum will of course be the essential key to allow the Europhiles on both sides of the English Channel to unlock the door to allow the UK to remain in the EU. Just as the first referendum has been vociferously touted by both “Leavers” and “Remainers” as “the will of the people that must be followed” the second will also. Of course, the Remainers will be hoping that any majority they achieve will be greater than the 52/48 Leave victory in 2016.

    Given the voter turnout at the recent general election, it is safe to say that many young voters will turn out for the second referendum.
    What is clear is this: That should a second referendum take place this will represent the most monstrous betrayal of the British People by the Europhile Elite as it will be clear that these TRAITORS will have worked assiduously and persistently with “Common Purpose” towards this goal since Midsummer’s Day 2016.

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