• Short Title: In [the EEA] or out? That is the question.


    Long Title: Put your centre right party in power. Take your centre right party out of power. Put your left of centre party in power. Take your left of centre right party out of power. And shake it [the politics of the UK] all about!

    Today’s post by Doctor Richard North on the EU Referendum blog raised a very important issue: “How is the UK a member of the EEA”.
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    Now we know – because several have personally told us – that they regard Dr North and his blog and also the British Gazette as being far too pessimistic and are doom-mongering with a vengeance!

    They maintain that should there be no deal and the UK “Brexits” there will either be NO disruption OR only minor and temporary disruption.

    What today’s blog-post on the EU Referendum website DOES do is to raise a very important set of questions.

    There are several differing conclusions that can be drawn from this blog-post. The conclusion that Dr. North himself concludes is that the British politicians “in charge” – and we assume Dr North is using that phrase advisedly – don’t know what they are doing, have not begun to master their brief and the UK is heading for, as doubtless President Trump would care to say, “Big Trouble!”

    Dr. North’s pessimism – which the British Gazette would suggest is VERY well founded by observation of what is going on – is of course entirely refuted my many UKIP members who robustly and optimistically state: “All will be well! Wait and see!”

    The British Gazette endeavours to be less pessimistic than the EU Referendum blog. We unashamedly STRIVE to be optimistic. We seek however to ground our optimism on FACTS however.

    In it’s articles, the British Gazette often urges it’s readers to face FACTS.

    Well, here we go again!

    For one moment please Dear Reader, forget Mr David Davis (“If only we could!” – Ed.) and all other politicians – on both sides of the channel. Instead think of the boards of directors of the many very large businesses – such as Lloyds Banking Group and their Chief Executive, António Horta Osório. Now it might be the case that Mr David Davis may very well be a complete imbecile, but we can assure you with absolute certainty Dear Reader that Senhor Osório is not!

    Be under no doubt, no doubt whatsoever that the board of Lloyds Banking Group will have made it their business to keep themselves appraised of the economic situation. This is because Lloyds Banking Group is one of the largest providers of mortgages in the UK. IF the pessimism of Dr. North is borne out and the UK suffers a “crash Brexit” and the M2, M25 and M1 become the world’s largest lorry parks and the shelves of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco resemble those of supermarkets in Zimbabwe – empty – the Lloyds Banking Group will suffer most severely as many of it’s mortgage customers will either loose their jobs, be put on short time and will therefore have difficulty making payments on their debts.

    Therefore Dear Reader you can rest assured that Senhor Osório is fully aware of this even though it is possible that Mr Davis is not!

    Now let us direct our attention away from a man (Senhor Osório) who we know with absolute certainty is NOT an imbecile and turn instead to a man who appears to give the impression that he is! Mr David Davis.

    To fathom out as President Trump is wont to say, “Just what the hell is going on!” we have to recognise that the Brexit issue and the whole question of the UK’s membership of the EU has at it’s core two strands or parts each of which is inextricably linked to the other. They are the economic and the political. Of these two strands or parts it is the political that has torn British political parties apart. Whilst the Tories are the most prominent example, this issue has torn apart the Labour Party as well. Many prominent Labour figures took part in the Leave campaign back in 2016. Many UKIP members came not from the Tories but the Labour Party.

    There is another fundamental aspect to this quagmire however. SECRECY. It is difficult not to overstate the centrality of this aspect to relations between nation states. Secrecy is FUNDAMENTAL to successful diplomacy!

    Then there is a certain Anthony Charles Lynton Blair – aka “Tony Blair”!
    Mr Blair suggests that the EU will compromise on the free movement of people to help Britain stay in the single market.
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    In other words, parts of “Les conversations diplomatiques” have to be in secret.

    The objective of the politicians – on both sides – is to extricate themselves from the political problem presented by the June 2016 referendum result without jeopardising their economies.

    There is also another aspect that is FUNDAMENTAL to politics: Deception!

    The British Gazette has is the past, does and will continue to suggest that politicians can be terminologically inexact!

    This of course is yet another FACT: one that is NOT new! It is as old as human civilisation itself!Dr North heads up his blog-post with the image above. It clearly states that the UK will leave the EEA when it leaves the EU. Dr. North in his blog-post puts forward convincing evidence that this is NOT the case. That in the event of the UK leaving the EU, many of the numerous treaties it has entered into will continue to apply.

    We therefore have to put forward the following question: IF the UK will still be a member of the EEA upon Brexit it will widely be regarded as an anomaly. Could it be however that the statement contained in the Bill is a “deliberate mistake” that would be “corrected” by an amendment on the eve of Brexit in the case of a “no deal”scenario?

    Of course, this would require a relevant court to uphold the case that the UK was still a member of the EEA even though it was no longer a member of the EU. This would also apply to the many multilateral treaties the UK has entered into by dint of it’s membership of the EU. This would mean that were such an international court to uphold the UK’s EEA membership this would also mean the upholding of the UK’s commitments as part of the EEA. In other words, the “Norway Option” would become the default “no deal” scenario.

    An interesting question indeed.

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