• Should we take a “hive minded attitude” about the future?


    Above, the character “Seven of Nine” played by the actress Jeri Ryan, aka Madame Christophe Émé. We use the above image as Madame Émé is a famous beauty and in a week when the BBC is obsessing with the passing of the Sexual Offences Act, 1967 we will stoutly promulgate our political in-correctness!

    On pages 18 and 19 of today’s Daily Mail (GOTO: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4741384/Founders-Facebook-PayPal-locked-row-robots.html) there is a thoughtful piece written by Tom Leonard.
    This is a topic the British Gazette had brought to it’s readers attention in the past, does so now and will do in the future. GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/homo-sapiens-the-future/
    Today’s article (which is a commentary on Tom Leonard’s article) should be read as a follow on from the non date filed article above.

    Predictions about the future and inter-alia, “Sci-Fi” movies and TV series tend to be either utopian or dystopian, with the dystopian in the majority. One of the reasons for the success of the “Star Trek” TV series and movies was that they were more utopian than dystopian.

    Of course, as realistic predictions of what may occur in the future such fictional creations are laughably unrealistic.

    Of Tom Leonard’s article the British Gazette wishes to steer a course between the two positions of Mr Musk and Mr Zuckerberg.

    Mr Zuckerberg comments on the hypothetical scenario exemplified in the “Sci-Fi” movies of the “Terminator” series. The British Gazette wishes to offer it’s readers another scenario, which of course by definition is completely hypothetical!

    If for a moment we consider the AI unit featured in the Terminator movies played by a certain Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger and others, there are two aspects to such a creation:
    1. the artificial brain.
    2. the electro-mechanical body (the conveyance of the intelligence).

    When postulating about what might happen in the future, one MUST bear in mind the fundamental difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI): that is that multiple AI units will be able to act together as a “hive mind”. It is this aspect which is not taken sufficient account of by many writers on this subject.

    It is because of the nature of AI (e.g.; – the “hive mind”) that predictions about the time of it’s arrival may well be out by a considerable margin. In other words, it might be here sooner than we think. That is NOT to say we will see synthetic humans as portrayed in Channel Four’s “Humans” TV series anytime soon! AI is far more likely to resemble in appearance the collection of IBM mainframe computers below:Given that by definition hive artificial intelligence (HAI) will far exceed non hive human intelligence there may well be a logical solution: a HAI:Human interface.

    Scientists are already experimenting with connecting the human brain with artificial sensors. It might be the case that in the future there may be the capability to integrating a human brain with the hive artificial intelligence (HAI); possibly by a form of lobotomy whereby an interface device is positioned between the frontal lobes of the brain.
    Who would volunteer to undergo such a radical life changing procedure?
    It is possible that in countries retaining the death penalty, prisoners of “death row” could be among the first of such volunteers. Other prisoners serving long custodial sentences may also be offered this route to “freedom”.

    Other persons not convicted of criminal offences may freely volunteer. For instance a desperately poor young person living in a third world or strife torn country might freely volunteer for such a radical life changing procedure as it presumably would guarantee them financial and physical security.

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