• You ‘ain’t seen nuffin yet!


    Aunty Beeb is reporting what was always going to be an obvious fallout from the Korean crisis. GOTO: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40897398
    IF a nuclear conflagration breaks out, the present slippage of the FTSE and the increase in gold price will be as President Trump would doubtless say, “small potatoes” in comparison with the avalanche of redness across traders screens in the City of London and elsewhere.

    Should President Trump decided to physically remove the threat to the USA that is the DPRK’s nuclear capability then there is one way to do it: the use of LGM-30G Minuteman III – see yesterday’s article: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/08/10/the-gathering-storm-a-game-of-chess-with-nuclear-weapons/
    IF this eventuality occurs there will be three forms of fallout. There will be the radiological fallout of which high level fallout will be limited to the locality of the ground-bursts. Fallout levels will decline sharply further way from the Korean peninsular. Of course those who ascribe to themselves the label of “environmentalists” will declare a planet wide radiological disaster. This however will be a complete over-reaction and pandering to hysteria. The FACT is that the W87 is a very sophisticated and highly developed munition and it’s yield is designed to maximise the destructive effects whilst at the same time as minimising lasting fallout (in relative terms).

    The other aspect that will commend the use of the LGM-30G to the Pentagon will be the fact that the missiles have been progressively upgraded over the years. The Minuteman-III entered service in 1970. Since that time computer and other technologies related to guidance systems has improved enormously. The officially stated accuracy CEP (circular error probable) of the Minuteman III is given as 200 metres – or a furlong as we Brits would understand it. It is a virtual certainty that this has been reduced (meaning accuracy increased) over time.

    Whilst the global impact of multiple W87 ground-bursts would be limited, the same cannot be said of the geopolitical and economic and financial fallouts. In western European and NATO terms the effects of both (economic and financial) would eclipse the Brexit issue. Given the levels of civil disturbance we could expect on British streets and the weakness of the present government we could easily see a political collapse and another General Election.

    Hopefully this shouting match between the tinpot despot and the reality show billionaire will “blow over” and nothing will come of it.
    WE MUST LIVE IN HOPE!!!!!!!!

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