• Burning bras. Burning burquas next?

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    Above Senator Pauline Hanson of Queensland and the contretemps in the Australian Senate.

    It is a truism of politics that what a politician says or does is only half the issue. The other half is how their audience reacts to what they say or do.

    Senator Hanson’s stunt has provoked a furore: one that she knew full well would occur.

    Her stunt has brought forth the expected torrent of criticism and if one reads some of the comments of the viewers of the You Tube video have made, tolerance is out of the window and the baying mob are out there in cyberspace. There is nothing new about the extreme reactions and language of these moronic commentators.

    When the regicides of Charles I were put to death by hanging, drawing and quartering the blood barbaric spectacle drew huge crowds of baying bloodthirsty morons who were cheering and rejoicing at ever cut and hack of the meat cleaver used by the executioner as he bent to his bloody task. These people were truly disgusting as are some of the commentators referred to.

    A more measured castigation of Senator Hanson is to be found in the Guardian penned by Katharine Murphy, the Guardian Australia’s political editor.
    GOTO: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/aug/17/george-brandis-decency-burqa-stunt-senate-pauline-hanson
    That Katharine Murphy feels that Muslims deserve special sensitivity is evidenced by her statement: “As well as insisting that Muslim Australians should not suffer the gross indignity of being mocked in their own parliament,….”

    The reason why Senator Hanson’s stunt drew the vitriol it did is of course due to the extreme sensitivity of Australia’s politically correct politicians who as with their fellow members of the PC brigade across the “West” will bend over backwards to make sure they do not offend “minorities”. In doing this they declare they are practising tolerance. Of course their actions and sensitivity demonstrate the EXACT OPPOSITE!

    Anne Marie Morris the Member for Newton Abbot has found out the extent of tolerance when she used the phrase “nigger in the woodpile” in a speech about the consequences of Brexit.
    The mainstream media such as the Huffington Post responded predictably: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/tory-mp-racist-brexit-recording_uk_59638608e4b02e9bdb0e2c77
    Thus the British Gazette postulates a scenario:

    Many British Gazette readers will recall how in the 1960s some American women protesting against what they saw as a male dominated society stages various stunts by burning (presumably old and unwanted) bras in public. Of course the publicity of “women burning their bras” spread like wildfire. It was an early statement of what now is called feminism.

    Let us consider this: the burqa is considered by many as a sign of a male dominated society which constrains women. Were some women to stage a protest by burning burqas, what would be the reaction of the politically correct authorities?

    Would it be the sanguine and passive reaction shown to American women in the 1960s?

    We think not!

    Such women would likely be arrested for religiously aggravated public order offence.


    There is no need to answer that!

    All of this comes as Anne Marie Waters is confirmed as a leadership candidate for UKIP.

    As British Gazette readers can see from her presence on the internet, Ms Waters is “known” for her views on Islam.
    GOTO: https://twitter.com/AMDWaters?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
    GOTO: http://www.shariawatch.org.uk/
    GOTO: http://www.annemariewaters.org/
    British Gazette comment on Ms Waters leadership bid:
    Were Ms Waters to become UKIP’s leader on Friday 29th September 2017 on Day One of UKIP’s 2017 National so called “Conference” [these meetings are political rallies – NOT conferences] Ms Waters and UKIP would become as identified with each other as Senator Hanson is with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON or ONP, also One Nation or One Nation Party). Indeed, ms Waters may find herself with the soubriquet “the Pauline Hanson of British Politics”.

    One thing that Ms Waters has “already brought to the picnic” is for many UKIP figures to declare that were she to win, they would leave.

    Many pundits are predicting electoral oblivion for UKIP were Ms Waters to become leader. The British Gazette would point out that UKIP’s future looks dire whoever is elected leader!

    IF there is a “train crash” Brexit then UKIP will be closely identified with helping bring such about. Maybe Ms Waters plans to draw public attention away from the party’s stance on Brexit by leading it along the path of countering spread of influence of conservative Islam. Her problem is that UKIP has been identified so prominently for so long with the Brexit issue that will be impossible.
    If ever there was a party leadership election that could be compared with organising the deck chairs on RMS Titanic, the 2017 UKIP election is it!

    • What I found most disconcerting when I read this article about this Australian Senator, was that she was able to walk past security unchecked when she could really have been carrying a bomb, a gun or even a dangerous substance.

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