• BREXIT: Putting the pieces back together again.


    The news that Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai is following in the footsteps of former Pakistani president Benazir Bhutto and has secured a place at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford to read PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) has been understandably been welcomed by the Guardian who have supported her.
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    ALSO: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/feb/23/ppe-oxford-university-degree-that-rules-britain

    British Gazette readers may question the relevance of this news to the music video above or the title of today’s article. But the relevance of both is that today’s article is about the Britain of the future.

    The relevance is of course that following being shot in the head by terrorists, our lifesaving NHS was able to put Malala Yousafzai back together again!
    In his blog, Dr. Richard North once again outlines in clear detail the seeming disaster course being pursued by HMG. For those not suffering from depressive illness, stress or prone to anxiety attacks,
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    IF (and the British Gazette hopes that it won’t!) the train crash along the lines Dr North fears takes place, the situation will be chaotic and serious. However, the British Gazette is of the opinion that it is almost inevitable that the EU would seize the opportunity to realise that this is a “beneficial crisis” that they would be able to take full advantage of!
    The UK would be offered emergency re-entry into the EU. No more queues in shops! No more three day week! The price of course would be adoption of the Euro!
    The result of “The Crash” will be a wholesale transformation of the UK’s political scene. In a democracy – and the UK is still a democracy – such a catastrophic event such as a train crash Brexit has the effect of sweeping aside one set of politicians and putting in place another.
    That the transformation will be dramatic for the UK will be entirely due to the type of electoral system the UK has. You see, the First Past the Post system, whilst causing populist and minor parties such as the Greens and UKIP not to end up with seats in Parliament – to the benefit of the two main parties (Conservative and Labour) – can in extreme circumstances cause one or even both of the main parties to be swept aside and to replace one or both with one or two new “main parties”.
    Thus should Dr. North’s predictions come about, there are going to be a lot more than 10 Humpty Dumpties falling off a wall! The Conservative Party will be finished as a mainstream political force. The Liberal Democrats will take their place. The Lib-Dems will of course move a little to the right to take advantage of this “once in several lifetimes” opportunity!
    Weaving to the left and to the right on the political road is something of a Lib-Dem speciality! As ANY political activist who has campaigned in a local election will tell you!
    Thus, in the autumn 2019 it looks increasingly likely that we are going to have either a “Lib-Lab coalition” or a Lib-Dem government!
    So far as Malala Yousafzai is concerned, it is clear that this young lady is set for a career in British and NOT Pakistani politics.
    WHY? Because the Pakistan government desperately wants her to stay in the UK. For obvious reasons.
    Similarly, the British political establishment is desperately wants her to stay in the UK. They want to see her enter the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity!
    Given that the British Muslim community overwhelmingly vote Labour, it is clear that she will become a Labour Party candidate for a Birmingham seat.
    It will be interesting to see if Shabana Mahmood the present Member for Birmingham, Ladywood (ironically the seat of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain) finds an offer too difficult to resist to vacate her seat in the 2020s to make way for Miss Yousafzai.
    And what of UKIP? We hear some readers ask!
    Well, IF events unfold as Dr. North fears, UKIP will catch much of the flak the Tories will catch. Kippers will of course state “That if we’d been in government we’d have done it differently!” But to paraphrase the late Mandy Rice-Davies: “They would say that wouldn’t they!”
    That UKIP will spend some time in the wilderness will be inevitable! But then there will be many who argue that it is already there! The one thing that is unarguable is that the UK IS undergoing rapid demographic change. Identity politics is going to become the MAJOR issue in the UK of the 2020s.
    Those UKippers wondering who to vote for in the upcoming leadership election may wish to take that into consideration.

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