• Dangerouser and dangerouser: Things can only get worse.


    Above, the full address and announcements that were broadcast “on the wireless” that Sunday morning in September 1939.

    This morning, the Sunday morning service at the Anglican parish church started at 11:15AM. On the same day of the week and date seventy eight years ago, the Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain made the most significant statement of his career: the declaration of war against Nazi Germany.

    On this day the despot of North Korea has proceeded along the road to equipping himself with the implements of Armageddon, to wit the latest nuclear test demonstrates. This test has been calculated to have yielded up to 100 kilotons and is reported to be a two stage thermonuclear device.
    Today’s Guardian has a report: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/03/north-korean-nuclear-test-confirmed-in-major-escalation-by-kim-jong-un
    British Gazette comment
    : The executive secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation, Mr Lassina Zerbo has stated: “The [UN] Security Council has dealt with many sanctions and the sanctions seem to not be stopping [North Korea] from going beyond the acceptable in terms of their nuclear weapons programme. “‘Where do we go?’ is probably the million-dollar question, but I think many of the states today in their remarks have urged a political and diplomatic solution to this problem.”

    This organ has been drawing it’s readers attention to the most dreadful consequences that could flow from this situation if it is not resolved peacefully.
    So, the question has to be asked, is there a peaceful solution?
    Well, yes there is. In fact there are two:

    The first is to accept that the despotic regime that runs the ill-named “Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea” will develop a capability to attack the continental USA with ICBMs aremd with thermonuclear warheads. The second is for China “to encourage” Mr Kim and other members of his despotic regime and significant members of hench people to cross the Korean/Chinese border into the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, in eastern Jilin province. Its population is approximately 400,000 of which a large section is ethnic Korean and to stand by and allow the re-unification of North and South Korea. For this to happen, China would insist that US forces withdraw from the Korean peninsular and that all treaties of military support between the two states would be abrogated.

    The first solution is the easiest and cheapest to achieve: all it requires is for President Trump to take no further action. The second solution is difficult and very expensive to achieve. This is because the DPRK is a third world state with third world levels of deprivation, starvation and lack of working infrastructure.

    In both these cases, China will be prepared to assist the USA and other countries.

    Now let us examine what China will NOT be prepared to tolerate. A collapse of the DPRK and it’s takeover by South Korea with direct involvement/support from US forces. China does not want US forces to be stationed along the border with the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture and will not tolerate this.

    Now of course, we do not know what discussions took place and are taking place between the Chinese and the USA. If however, President Trump embarks upon a military solution either in response to further North Korean provocation or to pre-empt same the consequences will be dire.

    There is said to be a Chinese saying: “If you set out to strangle a tiger, you had better make sure you finish the job!”

    Insofar as disarming North Korea of it’s nuclear capability it will be essential to destroy all significant facilities and assets in a first strike. There has been some talk of using what are called tactical nuclear bunker busters. These are the AGM-86B ALCM. The AGM-86B is an US subsonic air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) built by Boeing and operated by the United States Air Force. This missile was developed to increase the effectiveness and survivability of the Boeing B-52H Stratofortress bomber. The AGM-86B is equipped with a W80 thermonuclear (two stage) warhead with a variable yield of between 5 and 200 kt of TNT.

    This weapon is not suitable for two reasons:

    1. The combined delivery capability (CDC) is sub-sonic and lacks the element of surprise essential in a first strike weapon.

    2. The W80 at ground-burst would lack penetrative capability for deep bunker targets because it would be moving at subsonic speed and not the 28,000 mph terminal velocity of the LGM-30G Minuteman III with it’s 300 – more likely 475 kiloton warhead.

    IF President trump decides to use the military option to attack North Korea and to reduce to an absolute minimum the risk of Japan and South Korea being targets, then a pre-emptive use of a probable six LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBMs is the “way to go”.
    IT is difficult not to overstate the the danger of such an action.
    Dear Reader, we are entering uncharted territory here.
    Hopefully, a wider military conflagration could be avoided. But there is no certainty of that.

    At the very least relations will be ruptured between China, the USA and in all likelihood Russia as well. The political situation in Europe itself will instantly be transformed utterly. NATO will effectively cease to exist as soon as the super dense plasma generated by the W87 warheads of the LGM-30Gs obliterating – at the molecular level – their targets. The populations – especially the youth – across Europe will demand immediate US withdrawal from the continent. No European government will be able to withstand these calls. As for the UK, it is likely that the May government will be supportive of the US action. Such support will effectively terminate it’s existence and we will see a majority Labour government headed by Comrade Corbyn.

    Wither Brexit?

    Given the political turmoil, Brexit will effectively be a dead parrot. The new government will likely put a bill for a second referendum before the people in response to EU statements to form a European Defence Pact that renounces nuclear weapons.
    In recent times there has been much talk of “cliff edges”, “train crashes” and “abysses” in relation to a no-deal of “crash” Brexit. Be under no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – that a pre-emptive strike against the DPRK with LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBMs IS an abyss.

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