• Brexit: History in the making.


    Above an aerial image of house-steads that were part of Hadrian’s Wall.

    The latest blogs-posts from “North the Elder” (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86608) and “North the Younger” (http://peterjnorth.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/in-belly-of-beast.html) detail the mess that is being made of Brexit.

    In previous articles, the British Gazette has served up it’s speculations to it’s readers. However, we will all have to just “Wait and See…..”

    Will we witness a calamitous Brexit starting just after midnight on Saturday 30th April 2019? This is the logic of the speculation from the Norths. The research and logic of both is sound. IF chaos is to occur then it will occur quickly. Go to bed after the close of BBC2’s “Newsnight” after 11:20PM and you will wake up to news reports of “log-jams” at Dover, Felixstowe and Hull. “Operation Stack” will already be in operation on the M2. Things will rapidly (by the hour) go from worse to very much worse. And the next day, worse still!

    Maybe someone should open a book as to how long the government will last after midnight on Friday 29th March 2019?

    My money is on a No Confidence Motion in HMG being passed on Monday 1st April 2019.

    After all it will be April Fool’s Day! What better day could there be?

    IF the pessimistic prediction above is borne out, the reason will be clear: the capability of national self government “the establishment” had in 1972, will over the four decades plus of EC/EEC/EU membership had gradually atrophied by lack of use!

    Curiously, this in a way has happened before in these islands.

    Britain (Britanniae) was part of the Roman Empire, from 43 to 410 AD. During that time the population increased, “civilisation” was established and by 350AD, Roman Britain was - by the standards of that time - an OK place to live. Things began to fall apart after 383 AD when troops were withdrawn from northern and western Britain, probably leaving local warlords in charge. Around 410 AD, the Romano-British insular government expelled the magistrates of Constantine III for failing to protect the island. After this time the Romano-British were on their own. They should have been able to organise themselves to fend off the insurgent attacks. They had the population, the civil infrastructure, the men and the matériel to do this. However they lacked one vital thing: the capacity to rule themselves. As a result the island was overrun by illiterate barbarians who smashed the Roman cities and attendant infrastructure to pieces.

    Interestingly, Roman Britain was a multi-racial society. It quickly ceased to become so. The standard of living dropped catastrophically as did population numbers.

    After “Brexit Day” however we need not fear such a prolonged and violent decline in the national fortunes – although there may well be some civil disorder in parts.

    What is more likely, IF a “Hard Brexit” takes place with the UK leaving the EEA and not having anything it it’s place, is that the EU will after an emergency summit proffer an emergency re-entry package to the newly elected UK government. This will be re-entry into the EU AND entry into the Eurozone.

    Brexit will have failed. Comprehensively and utterly and many will say; Deservedly so!

    Many of course will be desperately depressed and angry! There are many Ukippers who have campaigned against the EU since the days before the UK’s membership of the “Common Market”. They will have seen their dream of Midsummer’s Day 2016 turned into a nightmare.

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