• Brexit: Is it really Theresa dei Machiavelli?


    Re the above: Our apologies to artist Santi di Tito and Niccolò Machiavelli!
    In 1513, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli in his most famous work, Il Principe (The Prince ), set out the skulduggery indulged in by politicians throughout the ages.
    Machiavelli was of course secretary to the Second Chancery of the Republic of Florence from 1498 to 1512, when the Medici were out of power and published his most famous work just afterwards.
    The British Gazette therefore asks a question: Could it be that Madame Mayhem chose Florence in which to make her recent speech as a form of a hidden clue? Maybe a signal to the cognoscenti perhaps?
    In his blog post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86623), Dr. North sets out in his usual expert detail the seeming contradictions contained in Madame Mayhem’s “carrying on” vis-à-vis the Brexit negotiations.
    In our article yesterday (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/10/01/brexit-a-real-world-kobayashi-maru/), we speculated about the possible shenanigans that Boris the Buffoon and his acolytes might get up to.
    Given the state of negotiations, Madame Mayhem appears to be a fool. Certainly, she and David Dimwit Davis are making wonderful impersonations of fools. However, rather than being a fool herself, could it be that she and Dimwit and the rest of the coterie are trying to fool us?
    You see, all along the British Gazette has been at pains to point out that there will be a grand strategy being played out on both sides. It will truly be, Le grand coup de théâtre.
    As we stated yesterday, not for nothing have “les collègues” conspired to demand the three most intractable issues to be dealt with before moving on to “stage two”.
    They know that a commitment to a gigantic multi-billion £ payout will attract the fury of UKIP and the Tory back benchers. But this will be the least of Madame Mayhem’s travails! The so-called “Citizens Rights” is linked in with the third issue, Ireland.
    You see, the ONLY solution to the Irish border issue is this:
    That Northern Ireland is made a “special case” which would mean remaining in the EEA and the Customs Union under ECJ jurisdiction FOR AS LONG as the Irish Republic remains a member of the EU!
    This means that should the UK adopt the ONLY “doable” Brexit strategy that avoids crashing the economy, the “Norway Option” – IN the EEA and EFTA but OUT of the EU and the Customs Union – there will be a customs border between the island of Ireland and Great Britain.
    This to the DUP is unacceptable.
    To try and quantify the degree to which this is unacceptable to such as Arelene Foster, let us put it this way: You would have more chance of getting Sad Vince of that Cable to join UKIP!
    This is why in yesterday’s article we described Madame Mayhem’s situation as being the “Mother of all ‘no win’ scenarios”!
    This is why The Chameleon walked away on Midsummer’s Day 2016! And quit his seat shortly after.
    IF indeed Madame Mayhem plans to allow herself and her party to be defeated and have comrades Corbyn and McDonnell take over – with the view of dumping the responsibility for Brexit on them and allowing sufficient time to elapse between her exit from Downing Street and Brexit Day for the public to absolve them from the flak she cannot wait too long.
    Of course, were Comrade Corbyn to enter 10 Downing Street his first task may well be to try and obtain an extension to the Article 50 time limit. This however is easier said than done!
    Of course, were the Tories to plan for a crash Brexit it would be on the basis that they would get wiped out and that Comrade Corbyn would be swept to power. Whilst this would appear to make the end of the Tory party Comrade Corbyn would have inherited such an enormous pile of [expletive deleted] that he will have no attractive painless options!
    You see the stock market will crash. Now that may appear to make Corbyn’s aim to renationalise the energy and utilities easier and cheaper, the crash in the value of Sterling will be far worse! You see, Sterling will likely end up trading at £2 to €1! Whilst this will make UK exports ludicrously cheap and make Sunny Cornwall a heaven for German tourists, it will have a huge inflationary effect and reduce people’s living standards. It is likely that the EU would offer the UK emergency re-entry into the EU. But with the requirement to enter the Eurozone. Were the offer to be at parity – £1 to €1 – when the markets were trading £2 to €1, it would mean that people would see an immediate improvement in their living standards.
    The problem for comrades Corbyn and McDonnell is that they would be like the Greek Prime Minster and Finance Minister: being told how much money they could borrow, how much they could spend and what they can spend it on. Items that money would NOT be allowed for would be re-nationalising the energy firms and utilities.
    After five years of EU imposed austerity and Comrade Corbyn, Buffoon Boris might be of the opinion that the British People would be so desperate that they would have him in 10 Downing Street!

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