• Brexit: Bluffing one’s way to a fortune!


    Having read Dr. North’s latest analysis of the situation (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86626) the tale of a certain Mr Jonas Elmbridge comes to mind.

    Mr Elmbridge was a gentleman who truly felt that life had dealt him a series of crippling blows. He had lost his job. As a result he had been unable to make the repayments on his mortgage and consequently had lost his home. Along with the home went his wife and their child. Also, without a place of abode, his chances of obtaining employment had vanished.

    But then this was America, the land of opportunity! It was also the land of the Second Amendment and Mr Elmbridge accordingly had retained possession of his .44 Magnum!

    Mr Elmbridge had met up with another man down on his luck. This was a certain Mr Isaac Maywood. Mr Maywood had been down on his luck for much longer than had Mr Elmbridge and had succumbed to the demon drink. Alcohol provided Mr Maywood with a means of escape from the cruelties of this world. His constant lack of money however presented a constant problem as it prevented him from acquiring the copious quantities of alcohol he craved.

    These two poor desperate souls however hatched upon a most brilliant plan! They would rob the local bank!

    Messrs. Elmbridge and Maywood’s plan was a novel departure from the conventional bank hold-up.

    Mr Elmbridge was not a naturally callous person and the idea of terrifying innocent members of the public and the bank’s staff appalled him.

    Mr Elmbridge therefore hit upon a brainwave!

    The day of the robbery arrived. The two men approached the bank separately. Mr Maywood unarmed and dressed as he normally did (dirty smelly clothes and looking like the vagrant he was) arrived outside the bank and started to beg.

    Mr Elmbridge arrived dressed more smartly as he had not been homeless as long as his associate.

    As Mr Elmbridge approached the bank Mr Maywood approached him and asked for money.

    Suddenly to the horror of the onlookers Mr Elmbridge pulled a gun on Mr Maywood and frog marched him into the bank.

    There in the banking hall some lady customers screamed. Mr Elmbridge stood in the middle of the banking hall and pushed Mr Maywood away. Mr Elmbridge then put the gun to his own head and announced that he was going to shoot himself. He went on to say that banks were the true robbers of the nation. He then demanded that the bank staff hand over money to a Mr Maywood, a man he did not know but clearly a poor man.

    The bank staff complied and Mr Maywood took the money and made his getaway on foot.

    Neither robber succeeded. The police were soon on the scene. US police are not constrained to anything like the degree that British armed police are. They shot Mr Elmbridge in the chest as soon as they saw him without shouting any warning. Mr Elmbridge’s .44 magnum was discovered to be not loaded. Mr Maywood was shot in the back as he ran along the sidewalk (pavement) 100 yards from the bank. He died upon arriving at hospital.
    The relevance to Brexit?
    It may be that the Tories have hatched a “cunning plan.”

    They make the appearance of being terribly reasonable.

    The EU closes down the negotiations.

    The remain MPs amongst the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP force a Second EU Referendum to abandon Brexit.

    The government oppose this. The government is defeated. The referendum takes place. The British People vote to remain in the EU. The government approaches the EU who agree to accept the UK’s revocation of the Article 50 notification.

    The government lays the blame at the opposition.
    IF Madame Mayhem thinks this will give the Tories a good chance of winning the next election then she is living in a stranger version of cloud cuckoo land than anybody could imagine!

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