• Messrs. Gyimah & Rabb – Cruel and cowardly charlatans.


    Mr Samuel Gyimah MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Prisons, Probation, Rehabilitation and Sentencing:

    “Killer drivers ruin lives.

    “Their actions cause immeasurable pain.

    “My message is clear — if you drive dangerously and kill you face a life-sentence.”
    Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/killer-drivers-life-prison-maximum-penalty-raised-new-offence-a8001021.html
    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38199720

    Mr Dominic Raab MP, Minister of State for Courts and Justice:

    “We’ve taken a long hard look at driving sentences. Based on the seriousness of the worst cases, we intend to introduce life sentences for those who wreck lives.”
    Source: http://www.cornwalllive.com/news/uk-world-news/drivers-who-kill-face-life-630557
    British Gazette comment:
    Ken Clarke’s famous remark, “There are no votes in prisons!” provides the reason why Messrs. Gyimah & Rabb are part of a government that dies not act on the message contained in the image at the top of this article.

    Politicians from both major parties, have when in government continually engaged in the process of making more and more acts criminal offences and imposing tougher and tougher penalties for the courts and “guidance” to use same.

    At the same time they have put the block on the necessary expenditure to accommodate the additional prisoners created in the system.

    This is quite deliberate and is not through ignorance and/or incompetence. It is out of the consideration of politics. This governs their actions.

    They know that if an organisation or group suggest that prison conditions are over-crowded and dangerous and a danger to heath through difficulties with sanitary procedures (which is the case) the average voter will say:

    “Well if the criminal doesn’t like it, then they shouldn’t have committed the crime in the first place!”

    This harsh and unforgiving attitude is inherited from their ancestors who would queue to view criminals being executed. Most were hanged using the asphyxiation method. Some were beheaded. The most unfortunate (which drew the biggest crowds) were hanged drawn and quartered.

    When Parliament legislated to remove the death penalty from crimes such as theft, many MP’s objected and voted against it stating that the public wanted to see the death penalty maintained for these crimes. They were right – about the public opinion.
    To use Madame’s words against her: This is not strong and stable government. It is weak and wobbly.

    Messrs. Gyimah & Rabb are terrified at the prospect of the Daily Mail writing nasty things about them! Things like “They are soft on criminals….” and, “….they are turning prisons into holiday camps and luxury hotels….”

    Messrs. Gyimah & Rabb are cowards.
    They are also in the wrong. A life sentence (an indeterminate sentence where the offender can be recalled to prison after release) is used in two specific types of offence:

    1. Where the offender commits an offence and is likely to re-commit were they to be released. Examples are compulsive arsonists and sex offenders.

    2. Murderers. Parliament specifically legislated for the imposition of a mandatory life sentence to buy off opposition in Parliament to the removal of the death penalty.

    Those convicted of causing death by driving, if not convicted of murder are not generally the sort of offenders that should be considered for an indeterminate sentence.

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