• Brexit without Flexcit: Skydiving without a parachute!

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    On Staurday 30th July, 2016, Mr Luke Aikins of Graham, a parachutist from Washington State in the U.S.A., jumped from at an altitude of 25,000 feet (Sorry, 7,620 metres, Derek) above the Simi Valley in California.

    Apart from the very high altitude – that required Mr Atkins to wear an oxygen mask – what made the jump remarkable was that for reasons known only to the Almighty and Mr Atkins himself, this gentleman decided to forego the conventional expedient of a parachute and opted for what to all intents and purposes was an upturned super or man size butterfly net!

    During the jump Mr Atkins was accompanied by assistants – of whom some were cousins – for part of the descent – who removed Mr Atkins mask at 18,000 feet as they hurtled towards the ground. Shortly after this, these assistants activating their parachutes in order to land safely, leaving Mr Atkins to hurtle at an ever increasing speed towards his net!

    Mr Atkins was most keen that as many people witness his jump and therefore wore a helmet camera, the footage of which was placed on YouTube and can be viewed above!

    There is no doubt whatsoever that Mr Atkins is 1. A very brave man and 2. Does not suffer from vertigo!

    As for Brexit, we would suggest that invoking Article 50 and seeking to “Brexit” without remaining in the EEA and, for a temporary period, the Customs Union – necessary as the text of Article 50 is defective – is as risky or ever more risky that Mr Atkins’s, “Look! No Parachute!” stunt!

    The risks inherent on the publicly known Brexit strategy currently being followed by the government are yet again examined by Dr. North.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86656
    Those Brexiteers now referred by many as “the Ultras”, which includes virtually all UKIP members, like to refer back to the historic vote of Thursday 23rd June 2016, and insist that the government enact, “The Will of the People!”

    It is at this point their argument FALLS APART!

    You see, the vast majority of voters who voted “Leave”, DID NOT do so whilst excepting a very real risk that they might as a result:
    1. Loose their jobs.
    2. Find themselves unable to meet their mortgage payments and thus loose their home.
    3. Find themselves facing the prospect of queuing for hours outside shops for basic necessities!

    Now it is the case that the vast majority of voters who did vote “Leave” DID vote to END the Free Movement of People into the UK. That they DID vote to END the payments of vast sums to the EU.

    It is also the case that the vast majority of voters who did vote “Leave” DID expect that those advocating “Leave” to have a REALISTIC plan to achieve what they said they sought to achieve!

    Therefore one is FORCED into accepting ONE of TWO conclusions about these “Ultras”:
    1. They are FOOLS.
    2. They are FRAUDS!

    So the question we would ask of them is this:

    Which is it? Because one thing is for sure, it cannot be both as being one excludes the other!

    • You forget, 52:48 would be thought a hell of a mandate in any election.

      You may not be very good at mind reading.

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