• BREXIT: The lady has no clothes on!


    Above, the model Miss Shelly Lee from Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

    Firstly, a little note to a certain Mr Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

    Mr Zuckerberg, the above photograph of Miss Lee is what we call on this side of the pond as “topless” – that is to say that Miss Lee is unclothed above her waist and is not wearing a bra and thus her breasts and her nipples are exposed to view. What this shot is NOT is a “nude” shot.

    Your enterprise “Facebook”, is now worldwide and it is a cause of increasing irritation that you insist of applying standards that are peculiar to the USA. Note that the native people of the Amazon do not have this peculiar obsession with a woman’s nipples! This parochial attitude of course is typified by the very way you and your fellow citizens of the USA, style yourselves.

    You call yourself, “Americans” with an arrogance that presumes the good people of countries such as Brazil and Mexico have NO RIGHT to style themselves such as well! You and your fellow denizens of the 50 states expect these good folk to describe themselves as “Brazilians” and “Mexicans” which of course they do! To cap it all, you and your fellow denizens possess a childlike naivety that precludes consideration that these good folk may take offence at this attitude!

    Now then, back to Miss Lee, who like me has as her head of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. How fortunate Miss Lee and I are to have an upstanding and respected lady who is the personification of our two nations (Canada & the UK) whilst you Mr Zuckerberg have the misfortune of having, “The Donald”!

    And now to the main subject of today’s article:

    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86657), Dr. North took the media to task by their failure to report adequately upon the conference organised by the body, UK in a Changing EU (http://ukandeu.ac.uk/event/brexit-and-trade/) that took place yesterday.

    During this conference one of the speakers, Theo Rycroft, Head of the EU Exit Strategy Department in the Foreign Office stated that the UK:
    “……will not have signed a trade deal with the European Union before the Article 50 deadline is reached in March 2019……”
    Given the poor drafting of Article 50, this is serious!

    For Dr. North, the UK’s prevarication and the incessant waffling of government ministers and spokespeople on the subject of Brexit, portends a “crash”, “no deal” Brexit. Logically, this is very much the case! On the basis of the known facts, we could not disagree with Dr. North that chaos will ensure shortly after 11:00PM on Friday 29th March 2019!

    And yet!

    Allow us to glance up at the delightful, Miss Lee. When the shot was taken, the lady was fully aware of her state of undress! Likewise, common sense must mean that Madame Mayhem MUST equally be fully aware of the lack of security for the UK’s continued trade engendered by the apparent situation!

    We are thus forced to conclude that there are three possibilities:

    1. Madame Mayhem (together with her cabinet colleagues) is a fool and is unaware of the danger.

    2. Madame Mayhem (together with her cabinet colleagues) is deranged and does not care that the UK’s economy will be wrecked by a “no deal” Brexit.

    3. Madame Mayhem (together with her cabinet colleagues) is making other plans!

    Of these three possibilities, #3 appears to be the most logical choice!

    Madame Mayhem’s problem of course is that ANY facilitation on the part of the EU to AVOID a “no deal” Brexit will come at a high (monetary) price!

    What is clear is that ANY treaty other than that envisaged by Flexcit will take around a decade to negotiate and implement!

    Thus there are three possible routes to avoid a “no deal” Brexit. They are:

    1. A suspension/extension of the Article 50 two year “countdown clock”.

    2. A “treaty to extend the treaties” – to allow the UK to continue in the Customs Union and the EEA post Brexit.

    3. An Article 50 revocation offer by the EU.

    It has to be noted that of the three possibilities, #2 is the most difficult as it is a new treaty and thus requires ratification by all 27 EU member states as well as the UK. This includes giving the Wallonians a referendum on the issue!

    If the EU after the European Council meeting on 14/15th December does NOT suspend the Brexit negotiations along the lines described in our article of 13th October, viz: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/10/13/brexit-day-2019-a-stay-of-execution/, one should expect an offer by the EU to extend the two year countdown clock for an additional four years until 29th March 2023. This will cause Brexit to become the subject of the 2022 General Election!

    Of course, whilst the heads of government of the EU 27 can make this offer at the meeting, Madame Mayhem cannot accept the offer as this would breach the 1688 Declaration of Rights that was ratified in the form of the Bill of Rights 1689!

    This means that Madame Mayhem will have to see Parliament’s consent in the form of an Act to accept!

    Of course, the EU may also make the offer of accepting – from the UK – a revocation of Article 50 at the same time!

    Again, whilst the heads of government of the EU 27 can make this offer at the meeting, Madame Mayhem cannot accept the offer as this would breach the 1688 Declaration of Rights that was ratified in the form of the Bill of Rights 1689!

    Of course, political reality would demand that BOTH of these offers would require a Second Referendum!

    Therefore to those political activists, the British Gazette has this message:

    Prepare to go out leafleting and canvassing and man street stalls early in the New Year!

    Of course there is method in the timing of this!

    You see, to those of us who are observers of the UK political scene, will know one thing: that political activity tends to be the preserve of the elderly! It is the elderly who have the time on their hands to go leafleting and to man street stalls in the middle of a weekday when their grown up children and grandchildren are at work! Of course it is the elderly who have the offer of a “flu jab” each autumn to protect them against the winter “bugs”! It is the elderly who feel the cold and have difficulties with their circulation! It is the elderly who turn out to vote.

    This was how it was in the Summer of 2016 when the Brexit referendum was won!

    It will be the “Winter of Discontent” of 2018 that will likely witness the loss of the second Brexit referendum!

    Thus it will be that the UK will likely be once again confirmed as being a former sovereign state and a member of the EU! The actor John Gielgud delivering John of Gaunt’s famous “sceptered isle” speech in Richard II truly sums up the parlous state that this country finds itself in:

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