• Please Sirs….. Can we join your Customs Union?


    Following what should be called “The Loyal Vote” on Midsummer’s Day 2016, the British People in exercise of their democratic rights to support The Lawful Government of this formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, have by their action opened up a most perfidious can of worms!

    Since that time, your Editor has spent much time speculating upon the possible outcomes of “the Brexit process” both good and bad.
    In our article of 11th September (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/09/11/brexit-fake-or-fortune/), we speculated upon possible the Tory stratagems and our belief that to exit the Single Market – aka Internal Market – aka the EEA – the UK would have to give notice to quit same. The treaty requires a leaving state to give 12 months notice of withdrawal. This means that the UK would have to submit such formal notification on Thursday 29th March 2018 so that exiting the EEA will coincide with exiting the EU.
    This is something that this man says he wants!Let the British Gazette make it perfectly clear: We do NOT agree with Mr Bolton!
    Today in his blog-post (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86661), the learned Dr. North opines upon this same subject. He cites evidence to back up this statement copied from his post: “……in order to leave the EEA, the UK has no option but to invoke Article 127. Having agreed to the procedure defined in that Article, it cannot choose to exit a different way, or rely on automaticity.”
    Given the FACT that within the senior managements of companies such as Astra-Zeneca, British Petroleum, Rolls Royce and many others there are men and women who are NOT fools and who do acquaint themselves with what is actually going on we can assume that such as Dimwit Davis and Madame Mayhem have been “lectured” at length on just what is needed!

    Of course, Dimwit Davis and Madame Mayhem are politicians and therefore view EVERY aspect through the prism of: “How will this affect our chances of being re-elected and how can we use it to advantage and/or mitigate it’s effects?”

    Thus, it MIGHT be the case that the Dimwit may have figured out what he thinks is “A Cunning Plan!”

    Oh Dear!

    We are worried that it may be along these lines:

    Pretend – with the helpful assistance of idiots such as Messrs. Rees-Mogg and Redwood – that the UK will automatically leave the EEA when it leaves the EU at 11:00PM on Friday 29th March 2019!

    This will mean that Dimwit and his colleagues do not have to serve notice under Article 127!

    Of course, Dimwit will have been told by the many lawyers he has recruited that since leaving the EEA has the de facto effect of “amending, repealing and suspending law” then the Declaration of Rights 1688 that was ratified into English Law – and by extension of the 1707 Act of Union, Scottish Law – the Bill of Rights 1689 and such notification of withdrawal by the Crown REQUIRES the consent of Parliament!
    This is PRECISELY what happened in the case of invoking Article 50!

    Of course this will be controversial!

    So it MIGHT be the case that Dimwit may be thinking along these lines:

    We carry on prevaricating and it looks like a “no deal Brexit”, however some helpful Harry – or Harriet if it is Gina Miller – will instruct lawyers to demand a judicial review and the Supreme Court will rule that the UK will still be in the EEA at 11:01 PM on Friday 29th March 2019!

    Dimwit MIGHT be thinking that he and his Tory colleagues will have presented M Barnier with a fait accompli! That the UK will be in the EEA and will then be able to settle the “divorce bill” from a position of strength and not weakness!

    To quote Lord Ashdown: “God help this country!”

    What presumably has escaped Dimwit’s notice is that neither the EU or the UK will have put in place any customs arrangements to collect tariffs for although the UK will still be in the EEA, it will at 11:00PM on Friday 29th March 2019 LEAVE the EU’s Customs Union!

    Thus CHAOS will still reign at Dover on Saturday 30th March 2019!

    The ONLY way of ensuring that the flow of goods and services is not interrupted is for the UK to seek to rejoin the EU’s Custom’s Union!

    The problem is that this can not be done immediately and requires the EU to agree to it!

    The EU therefore will still have Dimwit and his colleagues – not to mention everybody else in the UK – over a barrel!

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