• Brexit: Is it now time to call for a second referendum?


    NB: The above image is a FAKE. But it serves to make a point. A “no Deal” Brexit will shatter the British economy.

    Yesterday’s Guardian ran an article about Brexit and Mr Redwood. It was written by Mr Joris Luyendijk, the author of Swimming with Sharks: My Journey Into the World of the Bankers. Mr Luyendijk is the former writer of the Guardian’s Banking Blog, which looked at finance from an anthropological perspective.
    GOTO: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/14/john-redwood-brexit-money-britain-eu
    To quote from the article: “Extreme disruption” is now inevitable for Britain since it can either save its economy by going for a soft Brexit, effectively ignoring the referendum result and thus doing terrible damage to its democracy. Or Britain can save its democracy by implementing a hard Brexit. This will ravage its economy. It is an absolutely awful choice that Britain has nobody to blame for but itself.

    The British Gazette does not agree with Mr Luyendijk. Britain’s political leaders DO NOT have to chose between the economy [the preservation of] and democracy [the maintenance of]. It is perfectly possible to have BOTH!
    IF, and we repeat, IF, the Tory government is not bluffing and Madame Mayhem and Dimwit Davis are being honest with the British People and they actually mean what they say and say what they mean and that they really do intend to place this country OUTSIDE the EEA at 11:00PM on Friday 29th March 2019, then it is perfectly clear that, given the catastrophic consequences of doing such, a Second Referendum should be called.
    This is because the government cannot justify the claim that they possess a mandate for doing such.

    You see, were you to ask every person who voted “Leave” the following questions you could not reasonably expect them to answer “Yes” to all of them!

    They are:

    1. Did you vote to leave the EU.
    2. Did you vote to leave the Single Market?
    3. Would you have voted to leave the Single Market if you had known that it would crash the economy?

    Thus, to preserve the economy and to preserve democracy, it is essential to obtain a new mandate from the British People to enable the government to pursue their wishes.

    Since a second referendum will require a specific Act of Parliament, and as all referenda are by their nature, bespoke, we suggest that the second referendum have THREE questions and uses the Alternative Vote.

    The three questions should be:

    1. Do you wish the government to continue with the Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union and the European Economic Area (Internal/Single Market)?

    2. Do you wish the government to continue with the Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union but to stay within the European Economic Area (Internal/Single Market) and to negotiate the UK’s re-entry into EFTA?

    3. Do you wish the government to discontinue with the Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union and revoke Article 50, thus remaining in the European Union?

    Such a referendum would give the British People three choices and would make the situation perfectly clear, not only to HMG but the EU! Such a referendum would strengthen the HMG’s hand, not weaken it!

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