• In the twilight and awaiting the dawn! Of a new “top dog”!


    Above, a composite image of the Capitol Building in the twilight of a Washington DC evening with the image of the nation that will soon supersede the USA as “top dog”.

    The above image is brought to you by a number of “clicks” of a “mouse”! The Capitol Building, along with the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the USA, just as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament is a symbol of the UK or “England” as “Americans” call it.

    Yesterday, it mizzled for a time in the afternoon in the particular area of West Cornwall where your Editor lives. As a result, we went for our constitutional – the method by which your Editor keeps the spare tyre around his midriff deflated – along the beautiful coast which was one of the reasons for re-locating from North East Leeds. As a result as I returned the car for the short drive home from the particular NT car park in which it was parked – the reason for my NT membership – twilight had arrived. In that it was a full 20 minutes behind twilight arriving at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

    “What is the relevance of all this?” We hear you ask, Dear Reader.


    What we are living through now is the twilight of the “American Century”. It will have lasted approximately a 100 years. It’s dawn came in the period between the Armistice at 11:00AM on Monday 11th November, 1918 and the conclusion of the Washington Naval Treaty on Monday 6th February, 1922.

    This was because by the bloody war of 1914 – 1918 the German Kaiser achieved one of his aims: to humble and remove the British Empire from its position of “Top Dog” it had enjoyed for approximately a 100 years. This however was at a terrible price – one that destroyed monarchy in Germany and ultimately Germany (as she was traditionally recognised) herself. In historical retrospect, this was the most pyrrhic of victories!

    The United Kingdom itself had enjoyed it’s “top dog” position from the period which was between The Congress of Vienna’s “final act” that was signed nine days before Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo on Sunday, 18th June 1815 and the aforementioned conclusion of the Great War.

    In the period before the Battle of Waterloo the world had been dominated by the Western European powers since the Renaissance. Before that the dominant power was the Ottoman Empire, before that it was the Roman Empire in Europe but the Chinese Empire in East Asia.

    So, what “event” or series of events will mark the passing of the “top dog” crown from the USA to the PRC?

    Probably Korea.

    However that crisis plays out.

    The following is a news report that President Xi Jinping has sent a special envoy to tell Mr Kim to mend his ways! And quickly!
    GOTO: https://www.mail.com/int/news/world/8086848-senior-chinese-envoy-heads-to-north-korea-amid-chi.html
    Mr Kim has annoyed President Xi Jinping. Annoying President Xi Jinping is not an advisable thing to do!

    Whichever way the Korean crisis ends, it will mark the end of the USA as The Global Superpower.

    It will end in one of the following ways:

    1. Mr Kim will achieve what he wants to achieve: acquisition of an “independent strategic nuclear deterrent” – something the UK does not and will not have for Trident is a strategic nuclear deterrent but it is not independent. Mr Kim’s deterrent will have the capability to deliver thermonuclear weapons to the continental USA to those other 48 states apart from the states he can already strike, Alaska and Hawaii.

    2. North Korea will negotiate away its nuclear weapons and Mr Kim will seek and obtain the protection (from a gruesome death) from President Xi Jinping. Mr and Mrs Kim will in these circumstances be able to share their retirement with Mr and Mrs Mugabe!

    3. North Korea will loose it’s nuclear weapons and Mr Kim will loose his life through the use of a number of LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBMs.

    The important FACT to note is however the Korean crisis ends, the act will be able to be cited as the act which causes the “top dog” crown to be handed from the USA to the PRC.

    You see, it is a very important FACT that “The Donald” and his advisers (Does he have any? – Ed.) should take note of: that the USA is in a “No Win” situation! This of course will be a huge irritant to the former reality TV star!

    You see, IF Mr Kim decides to negotiate away the nuclear arsenal and at the same time, save his own life, President Xi Jinping will have a far large number of persons to protect than Mr and Mrs Kim! There will be the bulk of the ruling DPRK junta! This is because President Xi Jinping has a very difficult problem to solve: The DPRK regime requires it’s nuclear arsenal to maintain itself.

    China does not want to see a collapse of the DPRK and a huge refugee problem on it’s borders. Removing the DPRK would mean a formal end to the Korean War with the signing of a formal peace treaty and a reunification of the two Koreas. This would be necessary to save the PRC from having to bear the economic, human and political costs of a DPRK collapse.

    China could not tolerate the presence of US forces on the Korean Peninsular. The reunification would produce a Republic of Korea – possibly called the DPRK – which would be a takeover of the North by the South – probably with a formal military alliance between the new state and the PRC – with Chinese troops stationed in place of US troops!

    IF “The Donald” decides to use his ICBMs, strangely enough, the end result will be much the same! The two Korea’s would reunite under Chinese hegemonic “protection”.

    In any event, China’s advancement is unstoppable. As the news report below illustrates.
    GOTO: http://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/2120072/china-builds-worlds-fastest-wind-tunnel-test-weapons

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