• The Bible: It’s not just about God. It’s also about man.


    Above, the title-page and dedication from a 1613 King James Bible, printed by Robert Barker.

    One of the things about going to church is that you get to hear readings from a very old book. It is called the Bible. Now of course, some would suggest that one should say, “Holy Bible”.

    Now clearly, were I an employee of the BBC and I had to refer in a news report to the Quran/Qur’an/Koran (take your pick) one would probably be expected to refer to it as “the Holy.…….” notwithstanding Muslins refer to it as “the Noble………” Of course the BBC would not extend the same bibliographic deference to the Holy book of Christendom!

    One of the things that come across, especially when chapters and verses from the Old Testament are read out is the impression, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.

    This is because the more the world changes, the more the world is indeed the same old thing!
    In our article yesterday (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/11/18/brexit-the-ultimate-betrayal/), we drew comparisons between the forthcoming Brexit débâcle and the South Sea Bubble débâcle some three hundred years ago!

    Cutting to the chase, what we and the writers of the Bible are writing about is Human Behaviour! And the FACT that over time, it doesn’t really change!

    This is why human beings possess the deeply depressing tendency not to learn the lessons of history but to repeat them!

    So who do we apply this to what is going on in the UK at the moment?

    Clearly, “Brexit” is the number one public policy issue. By a country mile! Sorry, 1.61 kilometres Derek!

    So rather than turning immediately to the issue we turn our attention to the creatures that are dealing with it: creatures such as ourselves. The fact is that we are all deeply flawed creatures, full of ambitions, fears and wants. We have our strengths and we have our weaknesses. This applies of course as much to those in government as to those ordinary folk, like ourselves going about our daily lives.

    One of our strengths is the ability to plan. Another is the ability to analyse, and another is the ability to co-operate. The British Gazette that “certain parties” within the City of London are doing just that in relation to the Brexit issue!

    You see, one of the things that “bankers” are freed from is the general public acting as their electorate at their annual AGMs! They have a restricted franchise: shareholders. In the case of shareholders is is a multiple franchise, namely one has one vote per share so if you are an ordinary person with 100 shares you have 100 votes. It you are a billionaire or a fund manger with 1,000,000 shares, you have 1,000,000 votes. Politicians on the other hand have to face an electorate with one person one vote!

    You see, one of the things those “certain parties” will have done is to analyse the political landscape in the UK not just in the short term but in the medium and long term as well! One thing that will be apparent to them is that the UK electorate is and will continue to change over time. This is because the demographics of this former sovereign state is changing, Fast!

    These “certain parties” will have observed that those members of the electorate described as “BAEM” (black and ethnic minority) have a strong preference for the Labour Party. Importantly, they will have noted that this does not greatly change as members of this group become more affluent and educated, moving from being members of the working class to being members of the middle class. In other words, they will have noted that this part of the electorate are exhibiting TRIBAL voting patterns.

    Thus, these “certain parties” will have noted that in the medium term Labour’s star is in the ascendant and the Tories star is in the descendant.

    The one thing that these “certain parties” will have been fully aware of beforehand is the gigantic size of the UK debt! Warning, those with high blood pressure and cardioid-vascualr problems should not click through to the following link! For others, GOTO: http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/
    These “certain parties” will have realised therefore that Labour under comrades Corbyn and McDonnell with it’s wish to borrow and spend are a huge problem as the UK debt needs to be dealt with. These “certain parties” will have concluded that since the size of the debt has grown to such proportions, no democratically elected UK government can deal with it for the simple reason that any policies that will have a realistic chance of dealing with it will be so unpopular with the electorate that ANY political party implementing such will be subsequently voted out of office!

    Now, these “certain parties” will of course be aware that the City of London requires this problem to be dealt with! Thus these “certain parties” will likely have been forced to face the logic of they analysis: that if a democratically elected government CANNOT effectively deal with the problem, then the ONLY answer is to replace it with an undemocratic government which is unaccountable to the UK electorate. This is because being unaccountable to the UK electorate is the ONE thing a government needs to possess before it can start to impose the policies of AUSTERITY necessary to SOLVE THE UK’s DEBT PROBLEM!

    So, how will they do this? We hear you ask, Dear Reader? A military coup? No! There is no need for that. This is because an undemocratic government is already waiting in the wings! Namely, the European Commission!

    This would help explain the seeming lunatic policy being pursued by Madame Mayhem and Dimwit Davis at the moment! This is because it has always been AS CLEAR AS DAY that the ONLY doable and practical Brexit strategy lies in EEA+EFTA, aka “the Norway Option”, aka “Flexcit”!

    Apart from economic disaster and logistical chaos and political turmoil, one thing that a “no deal Brexit” will result in is an offer made by the EU of an “Emergency Re-entry Package”. That package will of course require entry into the Eurozone!

    Whilst many British Gazette readers would doubt the popularity of such an offer – that would have to be put to a referendum – they are reckoning without the effects of the disruption of transport and of supplies and economic downturn thus brought about on the majority of the British Electorate.

    The learned Dr North is of the opinion that a “no deal Brexit” would lead to years, even decades, of economic decline. The British Gazette agrees with Dr. North, but ONLY on the premise that the situation would continue largely unchanged. This is something of which the British Gazette is firmly of the opinion WILL NOT HAPPEN!

    This is because it would be inevitable that the EU and the European Commission would see the self inflicted chaos brought about in the UK as what Dr. North and Booker labelled as a “beneficial crisis” in their great work, “The Great Deception” as a golden opportunity to expand and progress the European Project!

    The one group of continental politicians who would not be overly enthusastic about the UK’s re-entry into the EU and entry into the Eurozone would be those who sit on Frankfurt council. This is because even after the Brexit chaos, London, once in the Euro would in a relatively short time-scale (< 5 years) become the financial centre of Europe!

    Now then who would be pleased about that?

    The Chinese!

    The Chinese like London. They prefer it to Frankfurt. London is suffering from a property boom brought about largely by the influx of Chinese money. The Chinese have a LOT invested in London. When, following a “no deal Bexit” the London property market crashes many Chinese billionaires will INCREASE not decrease their London property portfolios. In anticipation of the “Emergency Re-entry”.

    We hear you ask Dear Reader; “How long then do you think it will be between “Brexit Day” and “Re-entry Day”?

    Probably between three and six months. This is because the impact of a “non deal Brexit” will be so severe and so quick that the political system in the UK will be shattered. When there are food shortages, empty supermarket shelves and rioting in the streets, the political class will be unable to resist any rescue package offered. No matter how onerous the terms!

    Of course Comrade Prime Minister Corbyn and Comrade Chancellor McDonnell will do what every other previous holder of their posts did: Blame their predecessors – which in this instance will be fully justified – but even so, when the UK is subject to the rule of the EU Commission and the European Central Bank and the European Court of Justice the Comrade the Unfortunate McDonnell will be forced to implement the draconian austerity measures demanded by the ECB!

    This of course will make the Labour government very unpopular!

    Whilst real cuts in the public spending – necessary to reduce borrowing – will be hugely unpopular, they will be economically effective. The bankers and other city gents in the City of London will see boom times! Many will be able to add to their collections of Aston Martins, Bugattis and Ferraris. Meanwhile the real cost of domestic staff will have sunk to new lows thus enabling the spacious gardens in and around St. George’s Hill look even more splendid!

    The UK’s re-entry into the EU and it’s entry into the Eurozone will be crucial to maintaining the European Project.

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