• Brexit: What lies beneath?


    It has long become an article of faith.

    Brexit, that is.

    That is to say there is a generally held belief amongst many members of the General Public (i.e.; the VAST majority of ordinary people who are NOT members of political parties and/or campaign groups) that “at the end of the day” Brexit is NOT going to end in an economic catastrophe.

    They may – depending on their point of view on Brexit (Leaver or Remainer) – be of the opinion that the end result, be it a deal or no deal is NOT going to result in queues at the petrol stations and queues at the supermarkets and empty shelves at the same.

    At the same time they do not reckon the £ will be trading against the € at the rate of £1 to €3 or £1 to US $3. Which exchange rates will of course lead to some diminution of the queues at petrol stations as 1. Many will be unable to afford the petrol and 2. Many stations will close.

    This is because the public have a belief that the politicians may make mistakes but not of orders of magnitude that lead to catastrophic results. Even if the politicians appear incompetent, they believe the civil servants will act as a fail safe or a safety catch.

    They also have a belief that we in Europe are not prone to elect leaders who will destitute their countries. That leaders such as former President Robert Mugabe are something “third world” counties like Zimbabwe have to put up with and not advanced “first world” countries like the UK.

    If however they think that Mr Mugabe was an uneducated ignorant man, they could not be more wrong. He is a highly educated one. More so than Madame Mayhem in fact!

    Amongst the readers of the websites of online pamphleteers such as the British Gazette, opinion is often even more faith based that that of the general public. The local UKIP activists are continuing their campaigns of leafleting demanding that Brexit takes place today or tomorrow or whatever day the member of the public receives the leaflet that states “Out Now”.

    Your Editor has been regularly advising the Kippers who hand out this lunacy that such would be economic and political suicide. But they have an absolute blind faith that “All will be well!” come Brexit Day – Friday 29th March 2019 – or earlier.

    No amount of argument and information stating the contrary will be accepted. Thus belief in Brexit has become akin to a belief in God.

    At it’s core, Christianity centres around a core belief: that Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead. That he made “the perfect sacrifice for sin”. This is NOT something that can be scientifically proved – or disproved. People either believe it or they do not or they “sort of believe it” in the sense that they have not the conviction of faith but their upbringing and general wish that life does not end in oblivion causes them to a sort of half belief. This “halfway house” is of course scorned by conviction believers and conviction atheists.

    Insofar as the British Gazette is concerned, we are to an extent buoyed up by the report Dr. North has related on the meeting he had yesterday.
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    “So, where do you stand on faith based Brexit?” we hear you ask Dear Reader.


    The British Gazette is putting it’s faith in “Human Nature”. That in most human beings, the instinct of self preservation “kicks in”. In the City of London there are many influential souls in positions of authority and influence. It is to be hoped that as the depth of the abyss the UK appears to be toppling into becomes apparent there will be sufficient numbers of these folk able to act in time to prevent disaster. Of course, as time will be short the only “emergency brake” will be to revoke Article 50.

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