• Brexit: A picture paints a 1,000 words…………


    That’s 1.2 kilometres Derek!
    In his blogpost today, Dr. Richard North sets out in excruciating detail (and one that is most painful for those of a patriotic disposition) the, to use a term that the Australian husband of a 1st cousin of mine might be tempted to use, a “crock of shit” that is the alternative that faces this nominally sovereign country soon to be dependent territory to a “Hard Brexit”.
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    This is something the British Gazette has described in past articles and something we ascribe the more polite term, “Purgatory” to!

    Rather than repeat what we have written before or reproduce Dr. North’s words which in any event can easily be read by simply clicking on the hypertext link above, we will concentrate on what could possibly be the motives for politicians who seem to be in the process of manoeuvring this country into the most invidious of all choices.

    They would appear to be:

    1. Rank stupidity of the highest (should that be lowest? – Ed.) order.

    2. Treasonous mendacity of the worst kind.

    Dispensing with trying to explain how an advanced western democracy could have elected nearly an entire Parliament of naves and fools we will focus on #2.

    Let us look forward to a situation where the UK is in this state of purgatory. It will be subject to ALL EU regulations and directives issues in the past, the present and the future and paying the same current membership “dues” – whilst AT THE SAME TIME contractually committed to paying billions more for this most dubious of all privileges!

    What will be the choices facing the UK in this state of purgatory?

    They will be this:

    1. Remain in the EEA, leave the EU’s Custom’s Union (which means an agreed exit with date to ensure that the EU member states erect the necessary border posts – which will of course mean a “wet border” between the island of Ireland and mainland Great Britain – and re-joining EFTA. In other words; FLEXCIT!

    2. Rejoin the EU, join the Eurozone and join the Schengen Area.

    3. A “Hard Brexit.”

    This of course begs the question: Why?

    - Could it be that Madame is seeking to manoeuvre the UK into the Eurozone?

    - Or could it be that Madame is hoping that Comrade Corbyn will take this poison chalice off her hands.

    - Or could it be that Madame is a hapless victim of circumstance?
    NB: Writing this gives one a sense of déjà vu!

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