• That Prime Ministerial Statement: What are we looking at?


    Today’s article is in effect Part Two, with yesterday’s article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2017/12/11/brexit-a-picture-paints-a-1000-words/) being Part One.

    Yesterday afternoon, I looked at a spot of telly. However it was not my telly but the telly of a neighbour. He had the Parliament Channel on and Madame was making her statement in the Commons. This gentleman is a retired infantry soldier and as typical of such men will talk frankly and not be feint hearted about voicing an opinion!

    The gentleman could have been said to be in general agreement with the conclusions drawn from this spectacle of gross verbiage by the learned Dr. North.
    GOTO: http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86701
    He however expressed them in the succinct manner of a solider: “This is a bloody Muppet show!”

    Which brings us to the image of Miss Louise Hazel above, for we can ask of this photograph essentially the same question we can ask about Madame’s performance in the Commons yesterday: “What are we looking at?”

    For the photograph of the athlete Miss Hazel, the question is: “Is this art, or is it just titillation?”

    For Madame’s performance, the question is: “Was this an actual statement of government policy and intent or is it just theatre?”

    The answer for the second question hopefully is theatre, for IF what we heard is a true reflection of how the government sees the situation then as Lord Ashdown said: “God help this country!”

    Whatever the motivation of Madame might be, one can be fairly sure that there are those in the City of London who have deduced the following:

    1. The demographics of the UK favour Labour as the non-indigenous population is growing rapidly and successive polling data over a long period now, indicates a stable voting pattern across all socio-economic groups for the BAME vote: Labour.

    2. The Treaty of Transition and/or a “no deal Brexit” presents an opportunity to manoeuvre the UK back into the EU and into the Eurozone (see yesterday’s article). Given that the EU is going to introduce radical treaty change to reduce the competence in financial, borrowing and taxation powers of Eurozone member states centralising these in the EU, Eurozone membership for the UK would prevent a future Labour government from introducing Corbynista type policies.

    3. That such as Messrs. Redwood and Rees-Mogg and of course nearly the entire mebership of UKIP are calling for a “Hard Brexit” the likelihood of such an outcome is more and not less likely due to the efforts of the aforementioned! If ever a collection of human beings deserved the title “useful idiots” it is these!

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