• The Humpty Dumpties of UKIP!!!!!!!


    The latest instalment of the long running saga (Soap Opera? – Ed.) that is the UKIP Leadership Contest has come to the attention of the media again.

    This episode features Henry Bolton and his Mistress, Jo Marney.

    For those interested in what the social media challenged Miss Marney had clicked “Send” on, herewith a link to the Metro: http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/23/jo-marney-say-disgrace-ukip-leader-henry-bolton-7251857/
    British Gazette comment:
    The commentariat are all seemingly of one opinion: UKIP is doomed if it carries on like this!

    There is however an important aspect to observe about politics: Most of what goes on is short term. Especially in the social media dominated world that is the early 21st Century. Here today, gone tomorrow is a useful guide to journalistic obsessions.

    The whole UK journalistic scene is like one huge never ending variety performance, an endless spectacle of mediocrity reported upon by the mediocre. Huge excitement and furore is generated until something else comes along to eclipse it.

    So many of those long suffering UKIP stalwarts will be asking this: “How do we get out of yet another hole?”

    The answer of course is to elect a leader who will not be Mr Bolton!

    As the Meerkat says: “Simples!”

    So who does the British Gazette think will best fill the bill?

    Our suggestion is made with one over-riding proviso: Suzanne Evans, MEP.

    The proviso being ONLY IF Suzanne herself feels up to the challenge given her current health. This is something that only she can make a judgement upon.

    Herewith Suzanne’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SuzanneEvansPolitics
    WHY Suzanne Evans MEP?

    Is it because she takes the same line on Brexit as the British Gazette, Dr. Richard North and Mr Christopher Booker?

    Obviously NOT and the lady DOES NOT!

    It is because she can A: Do the job – which is dealing competently with a deeply hostile media. And B: Is female!

    Given the media furore with Mr Trump and other travails, UKIP will be best served by having a woman leading it rather than a man.

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