• Brexit: En-route to Purgatory!


    Above, Purgatory Lodge, Colorado!

    According to the Guardian, an hour before Theresa May made her entrance at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Philip Hammond stood up to speak to the British business leaders’ lunch, an annual fixture at the forum. He said: “It was a walk in the mountain air that inspired the prime minister to call a general election, so I am discouraging her from taking any strolls….”

    Taken with his comments about the association the UK should have with the EU after Brexit and Mr Johnson’s outbursts, it is clear that all is not sweetness and light around the cabinet table!

    The British Gazette has described “the transition” the UK is due to enter at 11:00PM on Friday 29th March 2019 as Purgatory.

    British Gazette readers who are Roman Catholics and British Gazette readers who are Protestants will have sharply divergent opinions about the existence/non-existence of Purgatory. This article will however not be discussing this divergence however. Except this: Much of the imagery contained in medieval and renaissance depictions of Hell and Purgatory say more about the psychology and the nature of the artists (or those commissioning the works) sexual orientation than the world beyond! For example: https://imagery.trubox.ca/1721/
    The reason why we use the term Purgatory is that it encapsulates well the suffering the UK will have to go through before it can emerge from the transition as a fully functioning independent nation state, which after all is what UKIP – the United Kingdom Independence Party – was set up to establish!!!!!!

    This suffering, like the RC’s concept of Purgatory is a painful transition phase between a person’s Earthly existence and their entry into Paradise aka Heaven. Purgatory is not a nice place but is not as bad as Hell where the damned – who have no hope of entering Paradise/Heaven – dwell for eternity!

    Again, we can usefully employ the analogy to the choices of Brexit. Hell being the “crash” or “hard” or “no deal” Brexit reliant on the so-called “WTO terms”.

    Purgatory will in effect continue the UK’s EU membership and thus will cause business to witness no change or disruption. Change however there will be aplenty insofar as the UK’s politicians are concerned! This is because they will have placed the UK into the position of vassal state – having NO VOICE in what laws and regulations are imposed on it but having to abide by all of them and pay all dues that are demanded!

    Today’s most excellent contribution (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86751) by Dr. North to casting light upon and explaining the Brexit process indicates the degree of likelihood of the EU agreeing to a UK request or proposing to the UK an extension of the transition period. This for the reason that the UK will be unable to establish the necessary agreements with other nations and trade bodies in the time allotted.

    What we at the British Gazette are most concerned about is that this dreadful situation will be exploited by such as The Right Honourable Sir Nick Clegg, PC who will seek to hold a second referendum on the Brexit process.

    Throughout the Brexit process the so-called “Norway Option” will be available to the UK. However such as Sir Nick may seek to have the UK re-enter the EU. The major aspect to this however is that come 11:01PM on Friday 29th May 2019 the UK will legally have left the EU which means that any re-entry into the EU will require the entry into the Eurozone!

    This of course is something that may Lib-Dems and British businesses would wish for: for different reasons!

    The Lib-Dems of course, realising that they are unlikely ever to form a majority government in the UK will seek to have their policies enacted in the UK via the dictat of the EU!

    For many British businesses (and their shareholders) however – especially those threatened with re-nationalisation – will fear the prospect of a majority government lead by Comrade Prime Minister Corbyn and Comrade Chancellor McDonnell!

    To have the UK placed into the EU and Eurozone will mean that Messrs. Corbyn & McDonnell will be unable to implement their borrow, spend and tax regime upon the British vassal state.

    Many in the CBI would welcome Eurozone membership as those British based businesses that deal with customers and suppliers in the Eurozone would find trade much easier. As for the City of London, the financial markets themselves would over a relatively short period of time establish London as the financial centre of the Eurozone – notwithstanding the wishes of French and German politicians to the contrary!

    Mr Johnson was suggesting recently that a bridge should be constructed across the English Channel to supplement the channel tunnel and the ferry services.

    Of this one can be fairly certain if the worst (EU re-entry and Eurozone entry) takes place – that some form of road link – most likely a road tunnel due to cost – together with “HS2” connecting Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester to London and the continent will be built. What we will likely see is that many will prefer to commute to London from the area around Calais as property prices in the department of Pas-de-Calais are much lower than in Surrey and Sussex! Thus Calais will become the new Peterborough!

    Of course that brings us back to the RC’s belief in the difference between Hell and Purgatory!
    Of course, for a patriot, the prospect of the UK being in the EU and the Eurozone is hellish.
    Does that mean in the 2020s we will have Sir Nick greeting us with, Welcome to Hell!

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