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    Former UKIP member and leadership candidate John Rees Evans has joined a new political party.
    Herewith it’s website: https://dvparty.uk/

    • My view is that a No Deal is NOT the answer and UKIP continues to campaign vigorously to leave the EU in March 2019 with the intention of trading openly and freely with every country in the world, not only the 27 on the continent of Europe.

      The EU Commission’s ideology of stitching all 27 countries together under thousands of tight inflexible rules is disastrous for them all, as we have seen over the last 40 years. The EU must be leaned upon from every source possible to amend its ways if it wants to survive. Without the UK’s cash, it is in deep financial trouble and is visibly going down the pan.

      We must be free of this when it goes belly up and if we can persuade other countries to follow our example, it will be to the benefit of everyone. Trade is the answer to every country’s welfare but as long as they are inhibited by unelected bureaucrats making all the rules, they will continue to lumber along in the current inefficient manner.

      These small political parties being formed are not the answer as combined, the vote is split, leaving remainer Europhiles winning, which is what we are fighting against.

      United we stand, divided we fall, after all the successes of the last 20 years culminating in the triumph of The Referendum in June 2016.

      I fully understand why people feel inclined to join a new party, it being untarnished by events before it came into existence, but I respectfully suggest that such a limited number will actually join, that the desired effect cannot be achieved. It won’t concern the establishment parties one little bit.

      Let’s stick to what we know and urge our leaders to go for fishing rights returned, sovereignty etc.in other words, what The Referendum demanded. We might not get the lot, but in all probability, a fair amount.

      Stuart Guppy

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