• Snow in Cornwall: It must be all that CO2!


    Global warming! Don’t you just love it!

    It snowed today. Being a Yorkshireman I was not going to let a bit of snow stop me from walking the cliffs on my daily walk. I don’t normally take a camera, but snow on the cliffs is unusual and was worth recording.

    The image above shows Cape Cornwall with The Brisons (Cornish: An Gribow, meaning the reefs) beyond with the sun creating what I like to call “the Silver Sea” out into the Western Approaches.

    I agree with the comment of my next door neighbour: “It’s nice round here.”

    • Thanks for sharing your great photograph. Think I`ll stick with admiring the snowy scene on my `confuser`. Enjoying the warmth of our log-burner!

      Brrr. Very sensible to stay inside Stuart. What lovely kind neighbours you have. Hope your food/essentials delivery goes ok.

    • For the first time ever I am snowed in. The path and steps to my bungalow is impassable for me, being rather disabled and there is no question of taking the car out onto the hilly service road, even if I wanted to, and could get at it.Two neighbours trudged thro’ the snow to see if I’m OK. Yes, it is good round here. People are so kind. I’ve booked a home delivery from Tescos and this is promised on Friday between 9am and 10am. I hope the van has snow chains ! You know, life’s not so bad.

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