• Remember this? When WILL reality dawn?

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    Memo to Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail: Iron doesn’t have steel in it, but steel has iron in it.
    The Daily Mail has been a populist newspaper for more than a century now. Long before those who invented the term were born. The front page of Wednesday, 18th January 2017 (click on image for full size rendition) is typical. As for the flaw in the text, again it is typical of a tabloid newspaper that is loud in it’s message but quiet when it comes to accuracy and detail.

    But then as a commercial enterprise, the Daily Mail is far more successful than say, the Guardian. The Daily Mail makes a healthy profit because it sells well. It caters for it’s customers. These customers by and large are not academics and the elite who are in charge of industry and the civil service. They are not those who will be charged with negotiating the trade deal between the EU and the UK. They are far more likely to be the HGV drivers taking goods packed in containers to and from Felixstowe and if retired, retired from such jobs. They are less likely to have degrees than the Guardian readers. And yet this matters not to the financiers backing each title. The simple FACT is that the Daily Mail is more successful than the Guardian as a newspaper. This is because the Daily Mail has always pandered to the thoughtless majority and not the thoughtful minority.

    From before the historic (and the use of this word will be fully justified by history) 2016 EU Referendum the Daily Mail and certain other tabloids supported the naïve and unworldly proposals of many in the Leave campaign who suggested to the voters that all the UK had to do is to walk away with No Deal into a glorious new economic future based on the mythical WTO terms.
    This was bullshit then and is still bullshit now!
    Since Midsummer’s Day 2016 these Daily Mail readers (most of whom were “cock-a-hoop” with the result) have quite literally been living in a Fool’s Paradise.
    Reality WILL strike home!
    Of that we are certain!

    There are the doughty bloggers such as the excellent and learned Doctor Richard North who selflessly spend much of their waking hours to publishing FACTS whilst such as the Daily Mail are publishing MYTHS!

    The best thing of all however is that whilst the Daily Mail has cover prices of 65 pence (Monday to Friday) and £1 (Saturday) and it’s free online version is plagued by adverts, the EU Referendum blog and also the British Gazette which are also free online are not plagued with adverts!
    Herewith today’s contribution to public knowledge by Dr North: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86793
    Read, learn and inwardly digest!

    • I have never liked the expression ‘populist ‘ as I feel it suggests someone who just goes along with the flow of current popular opinion.on a particular issue. The word ‘ populist ‘ is used in the media when commenting on Mrs. Merkel’s misfortunes in Germany where millions of the electorate have seen the light and are reacting against the EU’s intransigent rule. The same in Italy last Sunday, as replicated in France with Marine le Pen’s success. Poland and Austia are rebellling in similar fashion. Small wonder the U K has been the first to show initiative..

      I hope and pray this moves on to achieve the success that Brexit yearns for.

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