• Brexit: 364 days to go. So little time! So much to do!


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    Two things the mainstream media do not do is detail and demonstrate the complexity of the situation. That they leave to such as Doctor Richard North and the http://eureferendum.com/ blog.
    There are many political activists who attribute various conspiracy theories to why this is. There is however another more benign but equally as serious a reason: Commercial Interest.

    You see, online resources such as Doctor Richard North’s EU Referendum blog do indeed do detail and do demonstrate the complexity of the situation.
    However the vast majority of the public DO NOT!
    Newspaper editors and TV programme editors realise this and in the all important fight for readers and viewers the wishes of the consumer takes precedence. Now whilst such as the Daily Mail and ITV have to generate a corporate income, the recipient of the Poll Tax – aka the Television Licence – the BBC receives this largesse whether or not one person watches their output or one million persons watch their output! This being the case however, the BBC bosses realise they have to attract large numbers of viewers in order to appear to offer a service which people want. That of course is no bad thing!

    An interesting broadcast to watch was last night’s “Newsnight”. Presenter Evan Davis went to Nottingham to conduct a group session with a group of voters about Brexit and how they saw the situation. The one thing that was as plain as a pikestaff was that the participants – Remainers and Leavers – were wholly unaware of what could be coming down the tracks!

    Remainers and Leavers viewed the sudden implementation (on New Year’s Day 2021) of a “Canada style” Free Trade Agreement with equanimity!

    Let us make one thing absolutely clear: Be you a “Leaver” or a “Remainer” or a Conservative/Green/Labour/Liberal Democrat/UKIP voter, were a “Canada style” deal to be implemented on New Year’s Day 2021 then Madame Mayhem’s and the Tories chances of being re-elected in the General Election of Thursday 5th May 2022 are slightly less than the chances of Jayda Fransen becoming a Muslim! OK – maybe we exaggerate! But you get the point!

    Another thing that was a clear as day was the attitude of the participants in the “vox-pop” towards the so-called “Norway Option” (EFTA+EEA). Remainers and Leavers – were agreed that continued membership of the Single Market after the end of the transitional agreement would be a betrayal of the democratic wishes of the voters expressed on Thursday 23rd June 2016. In addition: they – Remainers and Leavers – were against a second referendum. The consensus was: “No! We voted! Get on with it!”

    Now one thing we do know is that the two main political parties in this country – Conservatives and Labour – conduct private opinion polls of the public – not their activists. This is because they wish (for obvious reasons) to see how the voters view issues and they (unlike UKIP) have the (financial) resources to do so!

    Thus we have a situation where IF the polling demonstrates that the views of the Nottingham “vox-pop” are general across the country the outlook for the economy at least in the short term is bleak.

    A “Canada style” deal implemented on New Year’s Day 2021 would bring about a big downturn in the UK economy and the new government appointed by HM on Friday 6th May 2022 would have as it’s objective negotiating the country’s re-entry into the EEA via re-entry into EFTA! Either that or rejoining the EU itself which would mean a commitment to join the Eurozone in 2025!

    It will be of little satisfaction to your Editor that the realisation by the masses that Flexcit authored by Doctor Richard North and others is – and always was – the ONLY doable practical Brexit strategy!
    Which is why this organ promoted it during the referendum campaign in the summer of 2016!

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