• The £162,000 question: Which conflict in the 21st Century will be Armageddon?


    A: Iran+Syria v. Israel-USA B: North Korea v. Japan+USA
    C: UK+EU+USA v. Russia D: Mars attacks!

    Remember: You now have four lifelines: Ask the audience; ‘Phone a Friend; 50:50; Ask Mr Clarkson (Not recommended based on last night’s performance!)

    According to scripture, “A” would be the best guess; Revelation Chapter 16 Verse 16: “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”

    Your Editor has a problem Dear Reader. A money problem.

    As you will be aware, the British Gazette is not a commercial operation. I do not seek donations. I do not have “pop up” adverts on the website. I am not sponsored. In other words, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not apply as it does not constitute an economic activity and is a household and recreational activity.

    Thus you ask: What is the money problem?

    This: My income comes from dividends. Phoenix Group are preparing to purchase Standard Life from Aberdeen Asset and will be offering a rights issue. Something I would like to take up in full. However I do not have the requisite amount of cash so to do so will mean that I have to sell shares. I don’t want to. Out of my portfolio the current crisis is causing the price of RDS “B” to rise. Thus giving rise to the figure of £127,000! I do not want to sell these shares, nor any of the others I own. This of course is something that I will have to deal with on my own.
    Legal Notice: The above does NOT constitute a request for money!
    The increase in the price of RDS however is one tangible (short term and highly volatile) outcome of the present tense situation in the Middle East.

    The reason why I make mention of this minor aspect of a tense global situation is that it serves as an illustration as to how such situations affect the general population. People carry on with their lives and the global situation intrudes to a degree. Sometimes propitiously as in the case of RDS. But often adversely.

    The worrying explanation of the present Iran nuclear weapons crisis can be found below.The above is in English but starts in Hebrew for the first 46 seconds and concludes in Hebrew for the last minute or so.
    PM Netanyahu’s statement following President Trump’s statement regarding US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal: http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/PressRoom/2018/Pages/Statement-by-PM-Netanyahu-8-May-2018.aspx
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