• Achieving the impossible: An economically successful Brexit.


    Above, President Trump being greeted in China in November 2017. It’s relevance will be revealed subsequently.

    Today’s blog-post (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86867) by the excellent Doctor Richard North continues to examine with a degree of authority and concise detail that is the result of full time research and much effort on the Doctor’s part details yet again a most depressing situation: that the UK ruling elite – not just Her Majesty’s Government but the opposition parties and the general commentariat embodied by what is termed the “mainstream media” – are so far behind the curve that observers in the EU could be in danger of losing sight of them – metaphorically speaking of course!

    Doctor North alludes – and not for the first time – to the mythical unicorn to help illustrate the parlous situation. Indeed, this organ has done so. In fact we (Dr North, others including myself) are independently getting tired of constantly dragging up such metaphors to describe the situation before us.

    It is of course all very well to keep going on about HMG and it’s many many failings but the problem is far broader. Were it not so and the idiocy was merely confined to a wing of the Tory party the normal adversarial politics pertaining in this land would have effected an early and effective remedy.

    However this has not happened, is not happening and there are no signs of it happening in the near future.

    As Dr. North has repeatedly pointed out, Madame Mayhem’s decision to have the UK leave the EEA on Brexit has – unless reversed – cast the die for the UK’s economic future for the short, medium and long term.

    If this occurs, Madame Mayhem will join a number of historical figures who have the dubious distinction of making an absolutely disastrous decision. It is a long list! In chronological order, it could be said to start with the Egyptian pharaoh, Amenhotep II who ordered his soldiers to pursue the fleeing Israelites across the Red Sea (Exodus 14:28).

    But it would be wrong to single out Madame for there are so many who should be held responsible for such chaos as may occur. But that won’t happen. UK/British/English politics do not happen like that. There are always some unfortunates who have to be seen to be held to account. For example, upon the Restoration in 1660 there followed an Act of Oblivion that de-jure, excused and pardoned many for acts of High Treason that would have resulted in them suffering death by hanging, drawing and quartering. However, the politics of the day demanded that not all could be excused so some – so those who actually signed the death warrant of Charles I were singled out and forced to undergo this hideously barbaric execution.

    Thus, if chaos ensures after Brexit, there will be the inevitable witch hunt.

    Those most likely to be hauled up are prominent UKIPers such as Nigel Farage.

    But Mr Farage is not alone. Not only that but amongst the masses including those would declare themselves to be Remainers, there is a naïveté that beggars belief, a naïveté that refuses to accept that when a situation changes, behaviour has to change too. This then is the point at which we can draw your attention Dear Reader to the image atop today’s article!

    The image is self explanatory. It is of presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump being greeted with enthusiastic and polite members of the Chinese public.

    We have used this image quite deliberately to make a point. This: Madame Mayhem was very quick to extend the offer of a State Visit to Mr Trump shortly after his inauguration. An offer Mr Trump accepted with alacrity. However, no sooner had the words left Madame’s mouth and her ears received Mr Trump’s acceptance, Madame will have had second thoughts!

    You see, Madame Mayhem is NOT President Xi Jinping! When President Xi Jinping wants to have a crowd of Chinese people greet a foreign leader enthusiastically he can do so. He is after all a despot ruling a totalitarian state. That is what such characters are able to do! Saddam Hussain could do it. Adolf Hitler could do it. Madame Mayhem however cannot! Madame is the ruler of a democratic state that respects human rights – including the right to protest nosily!

    You see, Madame has a particular problem with “The Donald”. For unlike Madame, “The Donald” is NOT a politician. Yes, he may have been elected to the most powerful democratic office in the world but that does NOT make him a politician! “The Donald” is a business man who was born with a set of gold plated silver spoons in his mouth and has lived a relatively charmed life and most prominently has been a reality TV star. You see “The Donald” has something that very few democratic politicians have: a “thin skin”!

    Now, many British Gazette readers are political activists. As such they can fairly describe themselves as politicians – even though they may never have stood as a candidate in an election. If they have been out canvassing or have manned a street stall and have engaged members of the public in face to face discussion about political issues they ARE politicians. Now one thing that is ESSENTIAL in this activity is a “thick skin” because members of the public will often express views counter to the politician’s own and express them in an abusive manner. These politicians HAVE to be able to take this. It is in this regard that “The Donald” is found lacking. He can – and does – give it out. BUT he cannot take it!

    And it is this that Madame Mayhem now realises that has put her in a hole. You see, if the UK leaves the EU and leaves the EEA it will need the friendly support of such as “The Donald”. Now, had Madam Mayhem been able to deliver a State Visit along the lines that would please “The Donald” – all the pomp and pageantry and NO protests – then all would have been well. But Madame Mayhem now realises that such is impossible!

    Which is why the visit was quickly downgraded from a State Visit to a “working visit” and has since been postponed. Doubtless the mandarins in Whitehall are figuring out which remote destination can be used to entertain “The Donald” to make it difficult or impossible for the many protesters to get to.

    We learn that “The Donald” is expected to make his way to the UK after attending the NATO summit in Brussels on 11th and 12th July and stay for a few days.

    “The Donald” will likely be at Chequers where he and Mrs Trump will stay as Madame’s guests. He is then likely to be flown by USMC helicopters and a USAF VIP airliner to Aberdeen airport where he will meet the Queen at Balmoral OR meet The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay at the Castle of Mey.

    The Castle of Mey is now open seven days a week from 1st May until 30th September each year, with a closed period of ten days at the end of July and the beginning of August, when Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay usually stay at Mey.
    In either case, he will be flown by USMC helicopter from Aberdeen to his destination.

    Castle Mey is likely the preferred choice – for two reasons.

    1. HM is wishing to send a signal that HRH is progressively taking over and meeting “The Donald” will serve as an excellent example.

    2. The dreaded Scottish midge! Now, to those readers who have never experienced the attentions of Scottish midge, we can only say, “Lucky, lucky you!” They are big. There are many and they bite! You see HM stays at Balmoral later in the year for a reason. To avoid this dreaded insect! “The Donald” however is visiting Scotland in the middle of July – peak midge season! However, the midge does not infest all areas. The Castle of Mey is said to be tolerably free of the insects. Thus we can expect “The Donald” to be introduced to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay and not the midges.

    There will of course be many midges of the human variety wishing to make their presence loudly known to “The Donald”! Expect a heavy security cordon that will prevent many of these folk from reaching their destination. We confidently expect the police and security services to exceed their powers and prevent law abiding persons from completing their journeys. This inevitably will result in legal action in the English and Scottish courts. However, “The Donald” will be back in the USA when the cases are heard and the courts decide against HMG.

    So whatever the weather brings us in July, we do know that it will be a Glorious August for the lawyers!

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