• Theresa May: Can she be THAT stupid?


    Being “knocked down by a bus” is a very common phrase. The image above must surely be a classic!
    Today, the excellent and learned Doctor North (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86881) opines and informs for the n,nnn,nnn th time now, the Brexit negotiations that for some time now have descended into farce!
    In what surely must rank as one of the most masterful understatements in the History of Europe an unknown EU official has declared that: “…….I am a bit concerned……”
    Join the club!
    Should we???????????????????

    On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th June the European Council [the EU 27] will meet in Brussels.

    IF at that point the EU was to formally suspend it’s negotiation, it could be argued (in International Law) that the Article 50 “clock” has to be stopped at the same time – only to be restarted when such talks resume.

    The British Gazette has referred to this before.

    Thus, should the EU decide to suspend the talks, this would have (to satisfy International Law) to be accompanied by an OFFER to suspend (an indeterminate extension) the Article 50 clock. Such suspension (indeterminate extension) requires unanimity of course. This means all 28 member states of the EU, not just the “EU 27”. Thus the UK might find itself on the 30th June 2018 faced with THIS:

    “The “EU27” have offered to suspend the Article 50 clock. Does the UK agree to this?”

    The British Gazette is very firmly of the opinion that since Article 50 has the effect of “amending, making, suspending and repealing law” the government which we must remember is “Her Majesty’s Government” and acts on the name of the Sovereign, cannot by Royal Prerogative exercise this choice. The Declaration of Rights of 1688 that was ratified into law by the Bill of Rights 1689 is quite clear about this. Such a decision by the Crown requires the consent of Parliament. This means primary legislation.

    Things MIGHT be coming to a head!

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