• World War Warning! This man is NOT a politician!


    Today, whilst the excellent Doctor Richard North continues to analyse and comment upon the imbéciles in the Commons disappearing up their own “derrières d’incompétence” -
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    - this organ has decided to address a potentially far more hazardous situation than the economic collapse of the United Kingdom.

    That is the question of the despot, Mr Kim of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, or “DPRK” for short and the future of his country.

    Of course it would be funny if it was not so appalling but the world is fully aware that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is hopelessly misnamed for it is most certainly NOT “democratic” and most certainly is NOT a “peoples republic”, but a monarchy and an absolute one at that!

    No, Mr Kim’s proper title is that of Despot (which actually is an archaic title for a ruler along with King, Chief and so forth). As a king rules a kingdom, a despot rules a despotate and thus North Korea should properly be called the Despotate of North Korea or “DNK” for short.

    Recently the world has been treated to a televisual spectacular that was filmed in Singapore that was the meeting between President Trump and Despot Kim III.

    The meeting appeared to go spectacularly well and a fair proportion of the commentariat are suggesting that Donald Trump might be naïve.

    The British Gazette is not of that opinion.

    Mr Trump will have been briefed before the meeting and will have been told by the professional diplomats and staff at the US State Department that the despots of North Korea have “form” when it comes to reneging on treaties and/or agreements and that they cannot be trusted.

    We cannot tell the future but we are concerned about this scenario coming about:

    That the talks appear to go very well and Despot Kim III agrees to “denuclearise”. A heavy price (by the USA) appears to have been paid. This price being in the form of a peace treaty whereby the alliance between South Korea and the USA is “redefined” and where ALL US forces are withdrawn from the Korean peninsular. Needless to say ALL UN Sanctions are abandoned against North Korea.

    This would appear to be a victory for both sides but much more for North Korea than for the USA. The USA would gain in financial terms as their defence of South Korea is expensive.

    The danger in this scenario is IF Despot Kim III thinks he can cheat. By not getting rid of his nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

    This is because IF Despot Kim III was so rash as to think he could get away with this he would be severely mistaken as President Trump’s reaction might be that of pre-emptive nuclear strike.

    You see, the rationale the British Gazette is concerned about is this: IF you are planing on the use of a pre-emptive nuclear strike, you plan to remove your conventional military assets from that particular theatre of operations.

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