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    It takes a special type of dedication to report and comment upon the ongoing banality of the activities of they Westminster/Mainstream Media “bubble”. A dedication that your Editor is no longer able to sustain on a regular basis. However all credit must be given to the excellent Doctor Richard North whose efforts are a service to sensible people who interest themselves in “Brexit” everywhere.

    Consequentially, whilst Doctor North continues his sterling efforts -
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    - I concentrate on something closer to home: My money!

    This blog, (GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/about/) is non-commercial. I am classed as being Not Economically Active -
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    - At 62, I am not in receipt of a state pension and I have no occupational pension. Consequently, my money comes from dividends in a number of companies. The four major holdings being represented in the image above. By value, the largest is Shell, then Phoenix Group, then Lloyds Bank, then SSE.
    As a result the following report -
    GOTO: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jun/18/shell-hits-back-at-criticism-of-tax-structure
    - piqued my interest.
    The problem with courts on continental Europe is that compared to English or US courts, the judges have a much greater tendency to interpret the law to suit the politicians of the day. Judges are supposed to interpret the law as it is written. If the lawmakers (politicians) for whatever reason have bungled it, it is up to the legislatures to rewrite and ensure that it the law is no longer “an ass”.
    This of course was a major reason why so many Britons voted to LEAVE the EU!

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