• Brexit? Making hay while the sun shines!


    Steven Lee Olsen performing his composition, Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

    British Gazette readers will be familiar with the saying, Make hay while the sun shines. It means to take advantage of a situation which will change. Historically it meant that if one’s crop was ripe and ready to be harvested and the sun was shining, or at least it was not raining, then the thing to do was to harvest the said crop and not leave it in the field for another day and to risk having the weather change and to rain that day!

    Now in the case of a field with a crop, whether or not the sun shines or it rains is decided by the Almighty. This of course is NOT the case with Brexit!

    Ever since the referendum was called there has been something, the absence of which has been noted and commented upon by Doctor Richard North, Mr Christopher Booker, this organ and others. That is the lack of a practical Brexit strategy. This is because apart from the aforementioned, a practical plan has not been presented to the British People!

    Furthermore, the majority of the press – including the BBC – have indulged in a peculiar form of collective stupidity and have continually failed to take to task those politicians and political activists and commentators who have been shovelling out the bullshit!

    The British Gazette has repeatedly asked the question: Why?

    We cannot provide an answer. However we can speculate upon an outcome:

    The European Council meeting held in Brussels on 28th/29th June may well, “kick the Brexit can down the road.” If this happens, the European Council meeting held in Brussels on Thursday 18th October may well be very different.

    The EU 27 MIGHT make the following statement or something along these lines:
    “Despite progress, there has been no agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Brexit. Agreement had to be reached by this time in order for a ratification process to be pursued by the European Union’s 27 member states and the United Kingdom. As a result it appears inevitable that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal.”
    IF such a statement is made on the steps of the EU HQ, certain things WILL happen.

    #1: The value of Sterling will CRASH on the international currency markets.
    #2: The UK’s credit rating, currently Aa2 will be downgraded possibly down to the the level of The Congo’s: CCC+
    #3: The London Stock Exchange will CRASH.
    #4: The Bank of England will increase interest rates MASSIVELY in an attempt to give some value to Sterling.
    #5: The cost to the taxpayer of servicing the UK’s debt will increase MASSIVELY.

    These five things will happen VERY QUICKLY after Thursady 18th October 2018.

    Madame Mayhem will have TWO choices. They will be:

    #1: Acquiesce and let “politics take their course” and face a vote of No Confidence, a General Election and certain electoral defeat for the Tories.

    #2: Engineer a delay to her appointment on the scaffold with the hangman and allow Parliament a free (non-whipped) vote for a second referendum on Brexit. This would be contained in a Bill that would bring about a BINDING referendum which if the decision was to Remain, would repeal the Article 50 Act and all subsequent and associated Brexit legislation.

    Were #2 to take place and were the British electorate to vote to Remain (in the EU) it is inconceivable that the European Court of Justice would not confirm that Article 50 could and would be reversed.

    This is because as EVERY member of UKIP knows and is something that the British Gazette has repeatedly pointed out the so-called “European Court of Justice” is misnamed as whilst it is “European” it is NOT a court and does NOT dispense justice! It is a committee and it dispenses political decisions!
    Of course, there are going to be a LOT of rich people who will take the opportunity of the slump in the value of Sterling and FTSE quoted shares to buy at “fire sale” prices, wait for the British People to vote to Remain in the EU, see the ECJ allow Article 50 to be REVERSED and see a huge increase in the value of their assets!

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