• Royal Dutch Shell v. Green Lobby: Oh Happy Day!


    An exuberant Aretha Franklin singing about the redemption offered by the Good Lord.

    Although we very much doubt that “Ben” van Beurden, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and his fellow directors will be celebrating as exuberantly as Aretha Franklin celebrating the “Good News” in the above YouTube video, we confidently expect a smile to have crossed their faces at Shell’s HQ in Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, 2596 HR The Hague, The Netherlands.

    This because although it ranks nowhere in terms of importance when compared to Salvation, the news that a US Judge has dismissed climate suits targeting oil majors will bring forth a cheer, albeit a muted one as they know this problem has not gone away.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that San Francisco and Oakland’s attempt to have Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon, BP, Chevron and others to pay for climate change-related expenses has been thrown out.
    Of course, this will not mark the end of the Green Lobby’s litigation attempts but nevertheless, it is a hopeful sign as the Greens will instruct lawyers around the world to challenge in one jurisdiction after another these businesses.

    Thus whilst the knowledge that this is not by any means over will temper any celebrations in the Shell boardroom; doubtless the news that this litigation will continue into the foreseeable future will be greeted by unalloyed joy by those who are the real beneficiaries of this: Lawyers!
    GOTO: https://www.wsj.com/articles/judge-dismisses-climate-suits-targeting-big-oil-companies-1529979870
    NB – Declaration of Interest:
    The Editor is a shareholder of Royal Dutch Shell.

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