• Brexit: Going round in circles!


    The latest leaks from the sieve that is Conservative Central Office indicates that Madame Mayhem will serve up what has been served up before. It is the “best of both worlds” suggestion, aka “the cake and eat it” suggestion.
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44671507
    British Gazette comment:
    We are told by the BBC that this Friday’s meeting at Chequers is important as the cabinet will decide on how to proceed.

    This is of course wrong!

    As Rolls Royce dealers like to say of their cars when they break down: “It has failed to proceed….”

    Discussing the various options of maximum facilitation and other unrealistic ideas is not proceeding! It is like discussing what breed of unicorn to purchase: chestnut brown or grey (white). Both are pointless discussions as the “best of both worlds” is no more obtainable than a unicorn. Whatever the colour!

    The whole political establishment appears to have entered a weird “Twilight Zone” where impractical and impossible suggestions are debated and argued over as if they had a basis in reality. Which they have not!

    For the video to head up today’s contribution we have chosen the track as it conjures up a picture of some delinquent Young Tories listening to it in the wee small hours in one of those flats in Maida Vale with the patio doors wide open with the Hi-Fi blasting it out at a volume guaranteed to disturb the neighbours; who, upon getting out of bed to knock on the door to complain, find the neighbours completely stoned on marijuana and thus unable to realise that they are being anti-social.

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