• Scots celebrating England’s world cup team’s defeat by Croatia.

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    The above footage was recorded on a flight carrying mainly Scots to or from “North Britain” as Scotland used to be called! If these sad losers were cheering because the loosing team was comprised of Muslims, blacks or those of a sexual orientation other than heterosexual, they’d be arrested!
    British Gazette comment: Sadly, such scenes were not uncommon across “North Britain” last night. The BBC and the mainstream media however have put in a colossal effort from keeping the news within “North Britain”. Naturally, the British Gazette considers that those outside “North Britain” are entitled to view such!

    • It’s sad to see this, but I’m not surprised.

      Antagonism between Scots and English stretch back over the centuries. It’s ‘ in the genes ” as the saying goes.

      Nicola S. suffers from it, along with the plane’s cargo of humanity.

      What rather bemuses me is Nicola’s yearning for Independence, hand in had with her love of all things EU and her insistence of staying within its clutches.

      Has she not realised that should Scotland ever become Independent, It will have to apply for EU membership as that will be lost when the UK finishes. All new members have to adopt the euro currency. Are you trying to tell me the Scots will give up their cherished Scottish pound ? I don’t think so.

      Anyway, EU bureaucrats are likely to turn them down as the Scottish economy is too weak on its own. With the low value of North Sea oil, what does Scotland have, apart from its tourism and whisky, altho’ the EU will most likely insist in a change of recipe according to their rules.

      Forget it, Nicola, and join the real world.

      Time will tell.

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