• In the Realm of Brexitania: Living on another planet!

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    Above, an imaginary scene on another planet orbiting another sun hundreds or thousands of light years away.

    Human imagination is a wonderful thing. It is responsible for so much; art in all its varied forms and of course science and technology.

    However, whilst indulging in fantasy, we must retain the ability to function and live in the real world!

    It appears my local UKippers have truly slipped the bounds of earthly reality and are soaring into the realm of fantasy…….


    Dear [redacted],

    There are “chinks of light” coming from a few countries on the continent as they express their concerns on the interruption of trade with the UK.

    The PM has nothing to lose by going straight to those countries. Mr. Barnier is a dead loss. He can only say “NO” as he is hidebound by thousands of EU laws and directives, all tangled together over 40 years or more. In true EU fashion, he has to do as he is told! We have been saying this for two years and is precisely why we are getting out.

    There is no reason why traffic at the ports cannot continue to roll on – roll off as in the past by using up – to – date technology. The UK has put shed-loads of cash into Galileo over the years. What right has Barnier to obstruct this?

    The UK should be demanding another negotiator. Negotiation means looking at and implementing what is in the best interests of both sides. Saying “NO” is not negotiating.

    We all want a good deal and not leave without anything agreed. But it’s been obvious for two years that the EU bureaucrats cannot give in. It’s not in their power to do so. Problem is, they don’t have the guts to say so.

    If they persist in this intransigence, World Trade rules would not disadvantage the UK, and the EU bureaucrats know this.

    REALITY: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86944 (Courtesy of Dr. North)

    • The Reality of Brexit.

      Thank you, David Davis and Boris, for calling Mrs. May’s Chequers Agreement just what it is. Now Dominic Raab takes the hot seat of ‘ Bexit negotiator ‘.

      A word of advice Mr. Raab. Knock on the PM’s door and tell her (not ask her) to get Olly Robbins off your back, and sitting at his uncivil servant desk again. No more Robbins nipping over to Brussels to receive orders from the bureaucrats. Your job is to tell them what we want and negotiate from there. ‘ No’s ‘ from messrs Juncker, Tusk or Barnier are not negotiations !

      I was unimpressed by Mr. Raab on Radio 4’s Today programme 12th July. Is Mr. Raab’s appointment merely an attempt to pacify eurosceptics of all parties, whilst allowing ‘ the enemy within ‘ to carry on their insidious underhand work of undermining the people vote ?

      He could do with some elocution, his dry, faltering tones failing to reassure this listener that red lines were not being blurred. All he did for me was to underline that we were leaving in name only, too much left for Brussels to control. How can any self – respecting MP vote for that ?

      The idiomatic phrase ‘ rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic ’ presumably is well known to Mr. Raab and therefore unwise to tell the Exiting the EU Committee that there had been some ‘ shifting of Whitehall deckchairs’, so granting Remainers the chance to add their own smug punch lines.

      Raab’s testimony to the committee alluded, to ‘ getting the best from our brilliant civil servants ’ – an unwarranted commendation for a group which is working to thwart Brexit, and perhaps said because Raab was seated beside Olly Robbins, who Theresa seems keen to let interfere in ‘ developments ‘.

      Ex-DEXEU minister, Steve Baker launched a scathing attack on the Govt, revealing the Brexit dept was a ” Potemkin ” structure, the real strings being pulled by the Cabinet Office Europe Unit – run by Remainer Olly Robbins – who appears to have always wanted a fake Brexit.

      Jacob Rees-Mogg alluded to questions which Robbins had “ very silkily, and in a very Sir Humphrey-like fashion, managed not to answer “. But any number of Robbins’s responses could be described as such.

      As the govt seeks to negotiate with the EU that which Gisela Stuart describes as a ‘ phantom Brexit ’, Theresa May is shown as the true culprit, having become Olly Robbins’s doormat.

      The ” enemy within ” is very active. Fight it – now ! Collectively, we have a very powerful voice.

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