• Brexit: The folly of Kate and Edith!


    Would you Adam and Eve it!

    Cockney rhyming slang is part of the cosmopolitan British identity. From the above image, it appears however to have been exported in part to the State of South Carolina! Along with a sense of humour.

    Today’s article is titled such because the saying “having one’s cake and eating it” can be said to apply to so much in the Brexit process nowadays.

    However, judging from Dr. North’s excellent contribution (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86983) to the store of human knowledge on the Brexit issue, maybe a more apposite title would have been “Brexit: the pigeons coming home to roost!” However, this title we think is more appropriate for Monday 1st April 2019’s article!

    Harking back to the first sentence, it is difficult to “Adam and Eve” that the country could be just 207 days away from chaos! It still seems fantastic to imagine that a set of supposedly intelligent and articulate individuals such as the British cabinet could through ignorance or wilful fecklessness allow such a situation as a no deal Brexit to come about.

    Of course for the Tories – Leavers and Remainers alike – the result of the chaos will be disaster for them. And deservedly so.

    With no realistic prospect of a sensible Brexit (EFTA+ EEA + EU Customs Union membership for 2 year max. transition period and EFTA + EEA membership thereafter) we are facing one of a set of damaging outcomes. Possibly, the least worst of which is that the head of steam behind the People’s Vote becomes unstoppable and a second referendum takes place and Brexit is halted. The big danger is where a no deal Brexit takes place and following the resulting chaos the new government negotiates an emergency re-entry into the EU. This of course will require entry into the ERM prior to adopting the Euro. Such an outcome would enforce years more austerity on the UK and would put the kibosh on many of Comrade Corbyn’s plans.

    Don’t however delude yourself Dear Reader by imagining that getting the ECJ to allow the UK to revoke Article 50 is going to result in the status quo ante plebiscite. It won’t!

    There will be a cost. The various rebates will have to be surrendered and that will mean that the UK taxpayers will henceforth pay more and get back less than they did on the Summer Solstice 2016!

    We may also have to take in large numbers of so-called asylum seekers!

    Of course, were any of these characters to go on to strap some explosives around themselves and blow themselves up amidst a crowd of innocent people shouting what is often shouted on such occasions, doubtless the public would attach even greater opprobrium to their defective representatives than they already do now!

    Of course the blame for all this needs to be visited upon such as Boris the Buffoon and Negligent Nigel both of whom advocated leaving the UK but failed to set out a doable plan to so so! There was one of course. It was called Flexcit!
    GOTO: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf
    As Lord Ashdown so adroitly said on being told the EU referendum result: “God help this country!”

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