• The Brexit that never was!


    We are indebted to John Hart of the National CV Group for supplying not only the image above but also the title for today’s article.
    Again, the excellent Dr. North in his blogpost today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86986) guides his readers through the looking glass of present day Britain into the nightmarish Wonderland of a “hard Brexit Britain” circa 2019!
    The image and title supplied by John refers of course to the real life “man who never was” which is described very well in the following Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Never_Was
    The cruel irony between John’s “Operation minced words” and the actual “Operation mincemeat” of course is that if a hard Brexit comes about, we will in 2019 be experiencing something the British people had become accustomed to in 1943 – rationing!

    But then, if “Operation minced words” which John correctly describes in brackets as “Deception Plan” is as successful as the operation which it draws it’s name from, then Brexit will not have taken place and as today’s title declares it will have been, “the Brexit that never was!”

    Let us examine the FACTS to ascertain whether or not John is correct.

    They are these:
    Fact #1: There is one way and one way only to for the UK to leave the EU and that is described here: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf
    Fact #2: Madame Mayhem has deliberately and repeatedly eschewed this option.
    Fact #3: The chaos caused by a “hard (No Deal) Brexit” will be politically catastrophic for the Tories.

    We are therefore left with the following questions to answer:

    Question #1: Has Madame Mayhem been told the above facts?

    Answer: We must assume that she has.

    Question #2: Why has Madame Mayhem not pursued Flexcit?

    Answer: Well it cannot be that she does not agree where it takes the UK as she was a Remainer. No. It is likely that the reason can be found in one word. That word is “mandate”.

    Mandate is a very important word for a democratic politician. This is something that Madame Mayhem shares with Comrade Corbyn, Sad Vince of that Cable, Strict Mistress Sturgeon and even Frau Doktor Merkel!

    For a democratic politician a mandate from the voters is essential! Without it, they simply cannot proceed!

    The other importance that democratic politicians attach to a mandate is that it MUST be respected! No ifs! No buts!

    And here is Madame’s BIG problem. You see, the leaders of the “Leave” campaign, Boris the Buffoon and Negligent Nigel travelled the length and the breath of the UK declaring in effect that the UK would enter a veritable Shangri La upon leaving the clutches of the EU. That because “we buy more from them than they do from us” a wonderful free trade deal would be struck which would give us all the advantages of being in the Single Market without being members of it!
    This of course was complete and unmitigated bullshit!
    Unfortunately however, over 17 million British voters voted for it!

    Thus Madame Mayhem has been handed the most poisonous of poisoned chalices!

    She has been handed a mandate to deliver something that is impossible to deliver.

    It is as if a great niece of hers has asked for a unicorn for her 7th birthday present which falls on Friday 29th March 2019. And Madame has acquiesced and now has the task of finding a unicorn to present to the little girl in 204 days time! Not only that, Madame’s task has been made infinitely more difficult as the little girl has requested that her unicorn must not only be the purist white (a grey) but must have wings and must be able to fly!

    Something that many Britons holding airline tickets on April Fool’s Day 2019 may not be able to do!

    So that brings us to Question #3: What is Madame going to do?

    Answer: Well it appears that she is pretending to negotiate a Brexit whilst hoping and praying (she is a Vicar’s daughter) that Parliament will forestall her attempts and force her to legislate for a second Brexit referendum which, given the prospect of chaos ensuring will cause a majority of voters to end the Brexit process!

    Madame will of course have to deal with her angry backbenchers like Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    You see, it is all very well saying that the Remain side lied. They did! But the Leave side lied too!

    But Remain LOST! And Leave WON!

    Which means that it is Leave who have to deliver what they promised.

    Which cannot be done!

    This position is what political scientists call “in the shit” or as our acronym loving American friends refer to it, ITS.

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