• Confirmation: The “silly season” is now a permanent fixture!


    Scoop: Wonder Woman – aka HRH Princess Diana of Atlantis – set to become PM replacing Mrs May!

    In his role as Chairman of the 1922 Committee, the Right Honourable Sir Graham Brady, PC the Member for Altrincham and Sale has endorsed Wonder Woman as the new PM principally for her ability to enforce honesty through the use of her golden lasso. It is felt that Sir Graham has Boris Johnson particularly in mind!
    British Gazette comment: Another day and yet another depressingly accurate analysis by the estimable Dr. North shows that things appear to be on the downward pathway.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86990
    A good example is the “comic”Daily Express (https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/897175/Nostradamus-2018-predictions-world-war-3-end-of-the-world-volcanoes-earthquakes-asteroids) which runs with a “report” about Nostradamus and that a major eruption of Mount Vesuvius will take place this year, there will be a major (8.5+) earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone, that the planet will be struck by a major asteroid strike and just for good measure; a deformed pig was born in Argentina!
    So based on that, Brexit will not take place at the end of March 2019 as we’ll all be dead!
    In a way, the reduction of what was once the forum by which government and people communicated with each other has descended to what is now popular entertainment to the gullible and poorly educated is a natural product of a technological revolution that has taken place in the century that has passed since the autumn of 1918.

    Then, newspapers were the principal means of disseminating news. The “wireless” was in it’s infancy. Today, we have the internet, social media, numerous “devices” on which this can be accessed. We have TV terrestrial and satellite. News has “gone global”.

    What we have to remember is that newspapers are at the end of the day, businesses and businesses have to make a profit. Thus the management of such as the Daily Express will be focused on selling print versions of their paper and seeking to maximise advertising revenue from their online version and if that means turning the newspaper into a comic for gullible conspiracy theorists then so be it!

    It is all very well for Dr. North to lament the poor quality (complete lack of) of the British newspapers but maybe he is according to them a status that they ceased to have any justification to claim some time ago.

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