• Brexit: Flogging dead horses……


    The news that Mrs Heidi Allen, the Member for South Cambridgeshire is supporting a second referendum on Brexit follows on yesterday’s news that Boris the Buffoon has a plan for Brexit.

    Certainly, the Daily Torygraph is of the opinion that the buffoon has made a positive contribution:
    “…..with Brexit just six months away, Boris Johnson’s Plan B is welcome……”
    “We need a Plan B and Mr Johnson is offering one……”
    Doctor North tackled the buffoon yesterday:
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87007
    Mrs Allen is on record as stating that were Jacob Rees-Mogg to become Tory leader, she would leave the party.

    One wonders how she would react if the buffoon were to become PM?

    This is not impossible. However, it is a harsh irony – for Mrs Allen – that were she to be successful in bring about a second Brexit referendum the outcome could well be the buffoon in Number 10!

    It is unlikely that the buffoon will make a challenge before, during or immediately after the party conference.

    However, depending on the outcome of Brexit the buffoon’s star may shine.

    Were at the October or November European Council meetings the EU were to call time on the Brexit negotiations then the calls for a second referendum will become overwhelming. With the likelihood of a remain win Madame Mayhem will be called upon to clasp the asp to her bosom and go.

    You see, here is the cruel irony: the Buffoon’s Plan B (“B for Boris?) plan will NOT be problematical IF the Brexit is aborted!

    The cruel irony will be extended to UKIP. IF a “hard Brexit” is avoided then logically the ruinous consequences will be avoided also.

    Spared of facing the consequences of their policies, UKIP will likely be carried off into EDL territory with a certain Tony Robinson. This will result in many Kippers leaving and other joining.

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