• Brexit: Let’s wait and see.


    Today in his latest blogpost
    Doctor North offers us a well researched and authoritative comment upon the state of the Brexit negotiations. In addition, he describes the differences between himself (and the British Gazette) and those who are described “the Ultras” which include all members of UKIP with one important exception – Moi!
    It is a question of time.
    16,715 days, or 45 years, 9 months and 6 days have elapsed since the arch traitor Heath placed this formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the road to being a province of the supra national confederation that is the European Union of the Cities and the regions.

    Whilst none of my fellow Kippers will have no problems reading the above excoriation of Heath, our readers who are Liberal Democrats will have to have fully swallowed their organic muesli and organic slimmed milk (both obtained from Fair Trade sustainable suppliers) to avoid choking!

    However the situation (choking on breakfast cereals – organic or otherwise) is reversed when we – like Doctor North point out the OBVIOUS – that a lot of bureaucratic, legislative and regulatory water has flowed under that formerly sovereign bridge since New Year’s Day 1973.

    Let us NOT forget that traitor Heath’s activities were planned and that he and others KNEW they were committing TREASON. This was actually broadcast by the BBC when Ian Hislop on “Have I got News for YOU” commented that Boris the Buffoon had not realised that the Criminal Law Act 1967 had abolished the offence of Praemunire (introducing a foreign power into the land and creating an Imperium in Imperio [State within a State] by paying obedience to other processes which constitutionally belong to the King alone).

    Whilst Hislop is correct, the very act of repealing these acts whilst not allowing for the continuance in another legislative form can be taken as evidence of treason. Of course, these traitors are still convicted of perjury by violating their Privy Council oaths which proscribes the very same!

    Heath always knew that the path that he was setting the UK on would take time. That was a principal factor as both he and Monet knew that the transformation of an independent sovereign state to province of a confederate cone could not be done overnight. Too many voters would object!

    However what Kippers FAIL to comprehend is that getting the UK from where it is now to where they want it to be CANNOT be done overnight. Not for reasons of politics (persuading the voters) but reasons of practicality and economics! One simply CANNOT undo the established order overnight!
    This is why Flexcit
    is the start of a journey, not the final destination.

    The FACT is that IF Madame Mayhem actually manages to enact a deal the further away from the terms of Flexcit it is the greater the economic cost will be. It is course axiomatic that political cost runs parallel with economic cost!

    Of course it is entirely possible that Madame is playing a game of very high stakes poker: Of presenting herself and her government as putting forward reasonable proposals only to have them rejected by the EU thus forcing a no deal Brexit on the UK. The gamble being that she will secretly be relying of a cohort of MPs from the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and whatever number of Labour and Tory MPs have the temerity to defy their party’s three line whips in legislating for a second referendum!

    Failing that, Madame may actually perform a volte-face on a second referendum!

    This might be following a loss of a no confidence motion in the Commons following a “no deal Brexit”. This is because if Madame wants to avoid another general election (as per the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (c. 14)) she may will serve up a choice to MPs: face a second referendum to give the voters a choice between a no deal Brexit or remaining in the EU.

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