• The end is nigh?


    Above, a scene from “She” the 1965 movie based on the novel by H. Rider Haggard.

    The announcement by Arlene (She who MUST be obeyed) Foster that the DUP will vote down the autumn budget if a Brexit deal is not satisfactory to them may well be the elephant trap set for them by Madame Mayhem!

    You see, by now even if Madame has only a single functioning brain cell left, this lonesome cell (that is not in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia) must be still capable of figuring out that “She who MUST be obeyed” is asking for the impossible – which for all humans on the planet who are not registered members of the DUP – know cannot be delivered – because it is, err, impossible!

    Thus Madame appears to be coming to the end of the road!

    However, we thinks that Madame has a cunning plan. A plan so cunning that a fox being the Professor of Cunning at Oxford University would think it cunning!

    It is thus:

    - Announce at the Tory Party conference, “that austerity is over!” but say no more about it.
    - Have Philip (Spreadsheet) Hammond put forward a give-a-way (tax cuts and spending increases as if there is no tomorrow) budget.
    - Have the DUP vote it down and find oneself (accidentally, on purpose) faced with a general election.

    This will result on the Tories fighting their campaign based on tax cuts and spending increases. Labour will match or better the spending increases but won’t go for the tax cuts.

    Evidence for this is that whilst the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his Autumn Budget to Parliament on 22nd November 2017 on 26th September, the Autumn Budget 2018 date was confirmed as Monday 29th October 2018.

    If this is the case the Tory Budget is likely to be a pretence or to use the Trumpian phraseology, “fake”.

    This is because the budget statement will be designed to win a general election and not to provide for the realist financing of the UK’s needs!

    We will wait and see! Of course we cannot end without reminding Mrs Foster how Ayesha, Queen of Kuma met her end – in the blue flame of immortality – for she stepped into it once too often!

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