• Brexit: Treason is being committed.


    NB: Contains material that is offensive to persons of a patriotic disposition!

    The European Project was built on lies and legislated – in the UK – by Traitors who broke their Privy Council Oaths to ensure “that no foreign prince or potentate shall have precedence in this land.” They also caused Her Majesty the Queen to break her Coronation Oath to govern us according to our laws and customs.

    The traitors who betrayed their country and Sovereign Lady most grievously did of course attend to the repealing of the legislation that would have had them swing from the gallows otherwise in the form of the Criminal Law Act of 1967!

    However: These traitors may think they are in the clear but they are not!

    Here is an analogy: A rouge, “X” befriends a person, “Y” and persuades them to invest in a scheme. “Y” does so based on statements by “X” that they will double their money in 1 year. Instead “X” invests the money in one of his companies and after a year returns half the money to “Y” stating that there was no guarantee. However half the money was paid to “X” in commission.

    Now compare this: A traitor, Heath persuades Her Majesty to repeal legislation stating there is no more requirement for it. He then commits treason in the form of persuading Her Majesty to give Her Royal assent to the European Communities Act 1972 but states categorically that there is no treason or misprision of treason involved in this when there clearly is. The repeal of the statutes of treason therefore would be held to be invalid as the monarch was duped into giving Her Royal assent.

    Insofar as this can be applied to Brexit, herewith the FACTS:
    #1: The ONLY practical Brexit is Flexcit.
    GOTO: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf
    Whilst Brexiteers may regard this as “Brino” (Brexit in name only) it is the ONLY economically viable Brexit and those who seek to govern MUST do so within the realms of practicality. For example, when Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minister during WW2, he had to see to it that insofar as US forces were concerned, the provisions of the requirements “that no foreign prince or potentate shall have precedence in this land” had to be well let us say suspended. The alternative was to loose the war and allow Hitler to win. The British Gazette does not support Flexcit because it is the most wonderful thing in the history of the world but because it is Hobson’s choice!

    #2: the government of Madame Mayhem is making such a monumental cock up of Brexit that ONLY two explanations are possible: Madame Mayhem and her cabinet colleagues have gone insane; Madame Mayhem and her cabinet colleagues are committing treason by making such a cock up that when Parliament forces a second referendum, the people will vote the way Herr Juncker wants them to – remain in the EU!

    #3: Indications that this is the case will be the European Court of Justice – a misnomer as it is not a court and does not dispense justice – will decree that the UK requires no approval, consent or permission to rescind Article 50, but merely has to repeal the legislation it passed earlier. It will announce that such is a sovereign UK decision.

    This will mean that should the UK rescind Article 50, there will be NO extra demands forced onto it by the EU; although the offer that was put on the table had the UK votes to remain would no longer be there.
    Expect the Remoaners and Reminiacs to combine to force a second referendum to thwart Brexit.

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