• Only 156 days to; “Oh Bugger!”


    Above, a nice piece of elm.

    My great grandfather was a man or many talents and a generous man as well. He was a good joiner and would make coffins for either the cost of the wood or even free of charge for poor folk in his village who otherwise could not afford one. When he died our family made sure that he had a very nice coffin. It was made of mature elm and was oiled, not varnished. It was a very nice casket.

    Today is 854 days or 2 years, 4 months and 2 days from the historic EU Referendum and is 156 days or 5 months and 5 days away from “B” Day which can either be Brexit Day or “Oh Bugger! Day.”

    Apart from that there is remarkably little of great moment to report!

    The Tories are arguing amongst themselves.

    The mainstream media and some MPs in the government are finally beginning to realise that a No Deal Brexit is NOT a good thing!

    Come to think of it, “Oh Bugger!” would be a suitable name for a farce written to dramatise Brexit.

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