• Brexit: Being played!

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    If a date has to be chosen to mark the dislocation of this organ from what was the bulk of it’s readership, it should be Friday 15th April 2016 (the start of the EU referendum campaign). Since that time, statistics have shown a geographical shift in readership from a UK focus to a more international base. The overall readership has not declined but if anything, has increased somewhat.

    Notwithstanding this, we still receive regular emails containing attached Brexiteer images from John Hart, one of which appears above.

    The image Mr Hart sent us is absolutely correct in it’s conclusion, but completely incorrect on the assumptions it has based the conclusion upon. This is because Mr Hart along with virtually every other member of UKIP believes that in planning on betraying the Leave vote, the Remainers are robbing the UK of the chance to prosper outside the EU. This is completely wrong due to the greatest of all ironies: It is the Leave campaigners demanding the UK not only leaves the EU but leaves the EEA and ideally, leave immediately without a deal who would, if their demands to be enacted wreck the UK’s economy.

    What Mr Hart and his fellow Kippers are witnessing – but not understanding – is a co-ordinated political manoeuvre. Like the SS Seawise Giant (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seawise_Giant), changing course and/or stopping the great ship that is the Brexit political momentum cannot be done overnight. What we are seeing is a political manoeuvre (carried out by the Europhile wolves) that progressively closes off options leaving the electorate (the Eurorealist sheep) with a stark choice: continued membership of the EU OR a no deal Brexit!

    The calculation made by the Remainers is that whilst the entire membership of UKIP (with one notable exception – who will abstain) will vote “Leave” in the second referendum – which will probably take place on Thursday 30th May 2019 – the majority of the British people who will turn up at the polling station – expect a 75% turnout – will vote for the safety of Remain.

    A number of factors are coming together. We have the referral to the National Crime Agency by the Electoral Commission of Mr Banks. We should get the ECJ ruling on Article 50 in December. We expect the ECJ to paradoxically come down on the UK’s side and state that the UK has the sovereign right to repeal it’s own legislation insofar as Article 50 is concerned and as a consequence requires no permission or sanction from the EU or any of it’s organs or agents. It may well go onto state that should Article 50 (notification of withdrawal) be withdrawn by the repeal of the legislation that gave the authority of HMG to issue the aforesaid, the UK’s membership and all its negotiated opt outs will remain in place. It will be as if the Article 50 notification to withdraw (from the EU) will never have been submitted.

    The combination – probably towards the end of December – of Mr Banks being charged with electoral offences and the ECJ’s announcement will give a huge boost to the People’s Vote campaign.

    Expect the “Brexit talks” to continue into 2019. Expect the breakdown to occur in February forcing a request by HMG or Parliament for an extension of the Article 50 time period. Expect the EU 27 to approve such but this approval being conditional upon the holding of a second referendum – and specifically a refusal to extend for a general election – they don’t want to see Comrade Corbyn in #10 anymore than does the Chairman of the Tory party!

    The EU may reset Brexit Day to Sunday 23rd June 2019 – three years from the date of the original poll.


    Probably because of Mr Nigel Farage declaring that from henceforth the 23rd June should be declared “UK Independence Day”! We think Herr Juncker will wish to give Mr Farage a date to remember!

    As the saying goes: People of taste prefer to serve revenge, cold!

    • Your reference to Aaron Banks reminds us that criticism of ‘ Leave ‘ alleged expenditure begs questions of what ‘ Remainers ‘ were up to.

      The week before Voting Day, the ‘ Cornishman ‘ newspaper was clad in an extra plastic cover sporting the Lib Dem logo encouraging us to vote Remain. It must have cost a fortune before failing spectacularly in its objective. How much did that cost, who paid for it, and was it declared in expenses returns ?

      The Govt. spent a quoted £ 9 million on sending every household a glossy 4 page magazine advising us all to vote Remain which, also, failed spectacularly. I received two on the same post. Both returned with suitable comments !

      We’ll never know what the EU got up to with our taxes fed into its Media Grant system. How much influence it tried to exert can never be assessed, its bureaucrats not being all that competent at accountancy, judging by the last 22 years of non – accounting.

      If it was possible to assess accurately costs incurred by the Remain camp, it’s my guess it would beat the Leave total by many £ millions. But as The Establishment is unlikely to countenance any assessment, we’ll probably never know.

      To summarise briefly what UKIP stands for: – our country and its successes after hundreds of years of toil, sacrifice and innovation has very nearly been taken from us, through betrayal, treason, corruption, lies and deceit.
      Today, through globalisation, our politicians have sold our sovereignty to the EU and United Nations. Politicians are in too deep, preferring not to face the consequences of their treason by hiding behind façades of lies, deceit and Politically Correct propaganda rather than warn us and prepare for a coming conflict, as conflict there may well be.
      Even Angela Merkel admits Multiculturalism is a lie. She expects immigrants to integrate, but all the evidence shows they don’t. Immigration has caused enormous strain on social and economic infrastructure and will get much worse.
      We get no thanks for upholding the sacrifice of our countries as shown by gang rapes, grooming and exploitation of children, bombing, stabbing and murdering of our country-folk. These appalling crimes happen in our midst.
      Statistical projections show that in a few decades we could be a Muslim country. Your children and grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms that we have enjoyed. What’s the solution ? The UK must produce more babies than immigrants. Currently, the reverse is happening. So, do the maths ! Please don’t moan at UKIP for pointing this out.
      There will come a time in the not – too – distant future when, like our parents and grandparents, we have to accept that we are at war. The lies and propaganda will count for nothing and we have no other option than to fight.
      We must be proud, again, of our heritage and our country. White Genocide is a very carefully planned reality, planned by globalists and their organisations eg ‘ Common Purpose ‘. That day will come whether we like it or not.

      Only you and I can prevent this by peaceful persuasion. Let’s do it this way, calmly and productively, while we can.

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