• Brexit: If all else fails…….


    A sure sign of a desperate woman! Herewith Madame Mayhem’s letter to you…..
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    British Gazette comment:
    Firstly, Madame is not “our” [the people] Prime Minister, she his Her Majesty the Queen’s! Secondly, it is customary to start and end with a “Dear …..” and finish with a “Yours (in this case) faithfully,”

    Things have reached a pretty pass!
    Some readers may have misinterpreted yesterday’s article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2018/11/24/brexit-a-pain-in-the-arse/) as suggesting that people should vote to return to the EU’s cruel embrace.
    Absolutely not! I would no more endorse such a course of action than I would endorse burglary. And for the same reason: The activity is illegal!

    Sadly, this cretinous collection of bunglers who have achieved the impossible – of making the Keystone Cops appear competent! – have presented Parliament with a deal which is as bad as one could ever be! But to contradict these bunglers, this very, very, very bad deal is better than a no deal!

    Thus it is the ONLY game in town.

    Expecting the EU to offer further concessions is fantasy. But then fantasy is a common currency in the Brexit debate nowadays!

    The FACT is that we can but hope that during this dreadful transition/implementation period which this organ has aptly called “Purgatory” the cretins that regrettably are Her Majesty’s Government can negotiate the UK’s entry into EFTA and the EEA – in other words – Flexcit!

    However, it is now abundantly clear that there will be a heavy, heavy price to pay!

    It will be paid by two communities:

    #1: The UK’s fishermen: We will have to concede on this.

    #2: The Loyal People of Gibraltar – Spain will demand co-Sovereignty, if not de jure, de facto!
    As my late father said: Never trust a Tory!

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