• Brexit: The Final Act: Scene 1

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    Since this whole Brexit process started back in the spring of 2016, this organ has at least been consistent. That Flexcit (GOTO: http://www.eureferendum.com/documents/flexcit.pdf) is/was the ONLY doable practical Brexit option and that the Brexit process itself appears to be a charade, un grand coup de théâtre.

    Recently we had the European Committee of Juggling’s Advocate General announcing that in his opinion the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50, but in accordance with it’s own constitutional provisions. The above “tweet” is an announcement that the ECJ will formally make it’s decision known the day before the so-called “meaningful vote” in the Disorderly House of Commons.
    In his commentary today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87076) upon the antics of this collection of idiots, incompetents, ignoramuses, fantasisers, imbéciles and the just plain deluded, the excellent Doctor Richard North has unusually, been rather kind!
    At the last estimate, the UK’s population was 66,740,479 + (Source: http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/uk-population/) and the number of MPs is 650 but this includes 7 Sinn Féin MPs who have not taken their seats in line with that party’s long standing policy. So what we have is the fate and livelihoods of 66,740,480 + human beings decided by 643 human beings. That is 0.00096343328666500451% of the population! Or rounded up to 0.001%!
    To paraphrase the late great Sir Winston Churchill, “Never in the field of human endeavour have so few screwed it up for so many!”
    As the days pass and this grand coup de théâtre begins to appear more Danse Macabre than Whitehall farce the certainty of the dénouement being a second referendum.

    Just as the Danse Macabre is an allegory of the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance Macabre unites all: No matter one’s views on Leave/Remain, the universality of reality will dawn and force all to accept what to them is the only way to save their political necks: a second referendum!

    Below, a YouTube video of the Danse Macabre (Camille Saint-Saëns)

    • The so-called ‘ No-Deal ’, a term that needlessly frightens ordinary citizens, should be re-named ‘ Our Deal ’, as we invite all nations to trade with us on fair trade, low or no tariff, basis.
      The UK economy will then soon be in a solidly secure position to refuse damaging deals from the European Commission. It is sheer imbecility to think we will ever get a good deal from the Commission.
      The tide of history is in our favour as the current, sub-optimal European politicians – Cameron, Merkel, Juncker – will soon be history. Mrs. Merkel goes next year – and every EU Commissioner will be replaced. No prizes for guessing who they will be replaced by – even worse, were that possible ?
      A No-Deal option will not be the doomsday Theresa May, financial and property elites, heads of UK top organisations and PLCs have lamely predicted.
      The UK should never have negotiated with the Commission from whom no fair deal is ever possible.
      The UK should introduce ‘ Our Deal ‘ now and offer all nations fair trade agreements with no or low tariffs.

      For hundreds of thousands of small UK companies, a complete split from the EU can’t come soon enough.

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