• Carry on kicking the can down the road!


    Above, a repetition of yesterday’s image.

    Today’s article was about to be published when news of Madame aborting the vote in the Commons came through.

    It was going to encompass a little “we told you so” with the European Committee of Juggling’s announcement that the UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU on present terms.

    However, Madame is clearly a very determined woman.

    This article was going to be entitled, “The Brexit Deal: Madame’s desperate gamble”, but as she is clearly attempting to kick the can down the road we will take our cue from Peter Rogers, the producer of the “Carry on films” of the 1950s,60s and 70s.

    It appears that Madame’s plan is to try and spin out a series of conversations with EU leaders until January – February 2019 and them place the Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament for ratification. The idea being that her recalcitrant MPs will be forced to swallow hard and vote for her deal of not, with not being a No Deal Brexit.

    What she appears to be gambling on is to manoeuvre the Labour Party into rejecting the deal and thus allowing her to ly the blame for the chaos of a NDB at the feet of Comrade Corbyn.

    That appears to be her plan.

    However lost of things can happen.

    The Tories may try and unseat her.

    The Remainer Tories and the Leaver Tories may unite around a common candidate on the basis of a three way referendum – as outlined by this organ.

    Of course, this organ has long predicted a second referendum.

    Of the ECJ’s judgement, we predicted this, Indeed the reports could be said to amount to a spoiler alert! One of the new terms that viewers of TV newscasts hear regularly is the term “spoiler alert”.
    The Urban Dictionary (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=spoiler%20alert) defines the term, “spoiler alert” as; “to describe when crucial elements of a movie are about to be revealed (i.e. the ending, character deaths, a twist, etc.)”
    In the case of such as the BBC newsreaders, they use the term to advise viewers who do not want to know the results of a football match to go out of the room or whatever until the results have been announced.

    This is of course due to the fact that then BBC – the repository of the TV tax (aka TV licence) – has not spent millions on the rights to broadcast the particular match in question live but has to make do with the cheaper option of broadcasting afterwards.
    For a long time now we have suggested that this whole farce is un grand coup de théâtre!

    From now on – unless events bring about a different situation – this organ will be concentrating it’s efforts into seeking to secure the opportunity for those many Ukippers and their supporters a chance to vote for the policy they so ardently advocate: A “No Deal Brexit” – even though the Editor regards such an outcome at catastrophic!

    This is because whilst “the cat” Madame Mayhem is doing the round of Europe’s capitals in the role of pleading supplicant, “the Tory mice” at Westminster are busy plotting her downfall. These Tories are perfectly aware of Madame’s tactic of using the clock as a weapon. I suppose the modern phrase is “weaponising time” (sounds like something out of Doctor Who – Ed.)

    Expect to see a Tory leadership challenge soon. If the Tories are clever they will find a candidate who will manage a pact: A second referendum with a three way choice as the organ has predicted.

    We will challenge the likes of Mrs Lambert who (more than likely with the best of intentions) do not want the option of a NDB on the ballot paper.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2018/12/08/a-second-referendum-walking-the-walk-and-not-just-talking-the-talk/
    Ukippers argue strenuously that a second referendum is a betrayal of Brexit.

    A second referendum WILL be if the thousands of voters who support a NDB don’t have the opportunity to vote for it. This is a fundamental aspect of democracy: that the voter is allowed to vote for a candidate/party/policy that is deemed by the “powers that be” to be unacceptable.

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