• Brexit: A “No Win” situation!


    Captain James T. Kirk’s belief is shared by most members of UKIP! With one notable exception – Moi!

    I am what since June 2016 has been called a Brexiteer. Before that date I called myself a EuroRealist. My overriding objection to the UK’s membership of what I have called “the never to be sufficiently damned abomination that is the European Union” has been that the Declaration of Rights of 1688 ratified into law by the Bill of Rights 1689 taken with the Privy Council oath and the Coronation Oath taken by her Majesty the Queen in June 1953 when she promised to govern us according to OUR Laws and Customs – not those of a foreign power – means that the UK’s membership of same is illegal.

    Now it is all very well 106 days away from Brexit Day to argue (correctly) that HMG should NOT have followed the strategy it has was wrong – but we are where we are!

    What we have to realise at this late stage is that we are all in a No Win situation: There are NO good options!

    Those who argue for a Second Referendum HAVE to take into account the huge alienation, anger, dissatisfaction that such a referendum – were it (in NO way a racing certainty) to reverse the decision of the first referendum would ensue. This would very likely spill out onto the streets in the form of “civil disobedience” – cue the recent “civil disobedience” in Paris. Along with that we would see an increase in popularity and support for those political parties/organisations that are labelled as “far right” by the MSM. There is also a risk of attacks against EU workers.

    This of course is the result, not only of 16,784 days of EC/EEC/EU membership but also of 16,784 days of misrepresentation. Remember “the Common Market”?

    However, to set against this, those who are prepared to risk a No Deal Brexit have to accept the absolute certainty of “civil disobedience” and the huge alienation, anger, dissatisfaction that such a catastrophic policy would bring about. The difference being that whilst the rioting resulting from a “betrayal of Brexit” would be relatively short term, the rioting resulting from a No Deal Brexit would not be. To this dissatisfaction from what snobbishly is assumed to be the poorly educated working class, we would see an impoverishment of many middle class folks – which as most Germans will tell you is a very dangerous thing!

    The conclusion? That the British “two party” “biff-bam” system encompassing the “Westminster Bubble” and the “British MSM” (exemplified by Laura Kuenssberg aka Mrs James Kelly) has failed spectacularly!

    As to the acceptance of Madam Mayhem’s deal, if it does go through and Brexit does result; the UK will not achieve the same economic results it would have done inside the EU as the EU will see that it does not! Not only that, ANY ongoing relationship will be subject to the approval of the Spanish and the French which means that Gibraltar’s long term future is in doubt and as for “Britain’s Fish” – forget it!

    It is also not beyond the bounds of possibility that the UK (along with France) will be forced to accede to German demands to support a reallocation of the French and UK permanent seats on the UN’s Security Council to the EU and India. This of course will lead in very short order to the UK being forced to relinquish the Falkland Islands to Argentina.

    Sorry to be such a down right pessimist and “wet blanket”!

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