• Imposs-alloy Breakthrough!


    Above, the newly created alloy, Imposs-alloy.

    A British Gazette technology scoop! Farnham, Surrey: Professor Hunt and his team at Conservative Technologies PLC recently announced the first production (in the laboratory) of a new alloy, called “imposs-alloy”.

    The professor and his team have managed to combine three unstable rare earth elements; deludium, quantonium and unobtainium to produce a dense metal alloy that is effectively as light as air.

    It combines many of the characteristics of each element:

    Professor Hunt and his team has managed to alloy the very dense (D [near rt] ~ 17.765g/cm3) highly radioactive transuranic element Deludium (104 De), with the very unstable, transient, ultra light (D [at STP] ~ 0.00008988 g/cm3) gaseous element unobtainium (1Uo) by alloying it in the presence of the plasma state element Quantonium (Qt) in a cyclotron. Quantonium only exists in plasma form and is transient matter being in quantum form. As such it exhibits no fixed density or atomic mass. What Professor Hunt and his team have achieved is to “fix” a density in the cyclotron equal to the approx. density of air (D [at STP] 0.00128612g/cm3)

    The quantum characteristics inherent in it’s name have had the effect of absorbing the radioactivity and this radioactivity causes the unobtainium to remain stable. The unobtainium when alloyed becomes solid and possesses many of the strength and mechanical properties of titanium (Ti). As can be seen in the image, the alloy produced is magnetic and can be used in magnetic levitation. However in order for the material to remain transparent it requires exposure to a strong local magnetic field. Without such a level of gauss, the material exhibits the transparency of air effectively becoming invisible. This characteristic was only discovered by Professor Hunt and his team when the cyclotron was powered down and the alloy appeared to vanish. That it had not vanished was discovered when a team member picked up the “invisible” alloy and placed it in a secure room without informing Professor Hunt in which particular secure room it was stored. Professor Hunt entered that room unawares and tripped over the alloy requiring treatment at the local A&E.
    News source: https://www.conservatives.com/

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